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You incels are too obsessed over looks

Canthal tilt? Lmao why would that matter to anyone? applies eyeliner

Prey eyes? Literally nobody cares about that. *applies eye shadow"

Philtrum? Nobody even notices that gets lip injections, applies bronzer under nose

Bad undereye support? Ugh just get enough sleep. applies concealer

Weak jaw? Sure, jawlines are a plus to some women but it doesn't really matter. highlights every bone in her face

Bad hairline? Just get a haircut. applies bronzer on forehead

Too short? Some women just feel more comfortable around men who are taller than they are, just find a short woman. But height doesn't really matter and there are plenty of women who like short guys wears high heels

Also, looks are not that important, just be yourselves. Everyone is beautiful the way they are. spends 100 dollars a month on looks, spends 30 minutes a day on makeup



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