birchleg #fundie

You have to love the logic of the left. “Let’s not talk about things we don’t understand, because that’s so scientific.” Why does creationism scare lefties so much? Show me scientific evidence where any single cellular organism has ever evolved into a multicellular organism and we can start the debate there. Just admit it, there are things we can’t prove, but we can see strong evidence.

When you walk down the beach and see an elaborate sand castle, is your first thought to wonder how the water and wind created it? No, you wonder who built it. Life is the same way, you scoff at intelligent design, but your origin of life theories are just as fantastic. I love the group think. “We must teach our fantastical theory of life and dismiss that one over there”

I believe in evolution and I believe in creationism, but I’m humble enough to understand I don’t know how they fit together. Believe it or not, it’s okay not to have all the answers.



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