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( @Nsloop55 )

spoilerThe "White Supremacist
terrorist" scare is interesting.
There is literally zero data to
support it. None. According to
the ADL's own 2020 extremism
report, White extremist violence
in 2020 was statistically non-
existent. More people die in
lawnmower accidents per year
(around 70)

( @DavidMunoz )
@Nsloop55 ADL is an Anti white terrorist organization

( @Bateburglestien )
Interesting in that it shows how much they control peoples minds.

( @hermanhale )
@Bateburglestien @Nsloop55 About ten years ago my sister thought our biggest threat was white Christians with guns taking over the government. They have been working to this point for a long time. The SPLC was formed for this day.

( @Ghostgracechillr )
@Nsloop55 it's double speak ... Means whites are noticing they are under attack ....

( @BeauDixon )
@Nsloop55 “Statistically non-existent.” That’s after all the tweaking of the race and motive of alleged offenders.

( @WolfGhost )
@Nsloop55 Fuckin' Obammy started this whole "white supremicist around every corner" crap to stoke racial tension and divert attention from the underhanded shit he was up to. I used to know some hard core white supremicists... believe me, if they really wanted to be a problem YOU'D KNOW IT.

It's just another way to racially inflame this country. I mean think about this: how many times have you heard of BLM members referred to as "black supremicists?" That's what they are... black lives matter and you CANNOT say other lives matter... THAT'S the definition of "supremacy." They caused WAY more death, destruction, rioting, etc., in America in ONE YEAR than all white supremicist acts combined.

Americans need to ignore those selling the white supremicist panic. It's 100% MANUFACTURED to manipulate you. Don't believe the liars.

( @DerrickPith )
@Nsloop55 Jews don’t need data, they just tell lies because, as Jesus said, their father is the father of lies. Jews lack the ability to tell the truth.



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