ChinaCurry #racist #crackpot

[Blackpill] First noodlewhores, now Adriatic foids are becoming white supremacist!!

They alaways has been white supremacists

Balkans yes, cos they got ISSUES going back like 300 years, legit never seen a 100% normal Croat, Serb, Bosnian, or Montenegrin. However I disagree that white foids in the west are racist, in my experience (UK, USA, Australia ) they are not, and people who say this are confusing being biased against bad genes and low value, with being biased against a race

LMAO i fucking told you, curries believe in white supermacy more than nazis ever did. they hate themselves so much. This is so fucking sad.

Different kind, curries are polyethnic, so I think our self hate is a hatred against other kinds of curries, who further accentuate the inferiority (physical and cultural) to Meds and Nordics. I think no race, whether stormcuck, rice, or BBC can quite understand this predicament, because this extent of polyethnicity only really occurs in curryland and the jungles of Africa (but they don't count because they're all just black). Sure it's the same in Latin cultures, but they don't positively or negatively impact each other (ie a person will look at Adriana Lima and Giselle bundchen and say they are of equal genetic and breeding value) because the average 'dark sultry/swarthy' Latina/o is good looking, and so is the 'germanic lean, blond' one. If you saw the way the subhuman curries, since they started getting exported to write code and man the IT helpdesks, have decimated the PERCEPTION and value of high class, Aryan curries, you would see it's the biggest con job since the secret devaluation of USD since bretton woods.



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