Charles Ayres #racist

Dr. David Manning, a black professor and minister, says that blacks are the most racist people on the planet, and will never let go of slavery.

White liberals /Democrats propagated the victim mentality in American blacks through the Civil Rights Act in the 60’s, with LBJ seeking to make blacks dependent, permanent voters for the Democratic Party by the creation of a welfare state which would diminish any need for incentive. The only condition of receiving these government handouts was that there could be no adult male in the household. The more children produced, the more welfare was justified.

Consequently the black family was destroyed and replaced with a failed matriarchy society in which respect for traditional values was discarded, the value of education eliminated, employment of black men plummeted , and illegitimate births went from 25% in 1955 to 70+% today.

Aimless male youths devolved to impregnating teen single mothers in government subsidized ghettos while engaging in crime on the streets. A “prison pipeline” was created which ensured a revolving door of incarceration, release, crime, and re-incarceration, while single mothers had a revolving bedroom door, deteriorated to loud, confrontational and violent problems in public, and lost any semblance of caring for their children, who became tools for acquiring welfare and left to wander the streets with no discipline or respect for anyone.

Yet blacks cannot and will not change, just as Dr. Manning says. They are addicted to victim status and government dependence, and cannot see the source of their problem is the Democratic Party, which perpetrates their refusal to move past slavery, as well as never accepting responsibility for their own actions.

There are numerous black hate groups, such as BLM, The New Black Panther Party, numerous on-campus black groups whose only agenda is anger and bitterness against white society, and liberal, leftist organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU, the Rainbow Coalition, The Nation of Islam, The Congressional Black Caucus, and many others, which seek to demonize any group that supports white causes. In fact most liberal colleges won’t allow a white organization of students to exist, while encouraging militant MSA (Muslim Students Association) which is linked to CAIR and the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, as well as multiple black student groups.

This is nothing more or less than bigotry and racism, plain and simple. So save your complaining about white groups?—?we have every right to exist as long as there are anti-white groups blaming whites for every thing that doesn’t please you.



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