aDrunkenWhaler #sexist

I’m not sympathetic to the fathers who just “walk away.” To me, that’s the ultimate in cowardice and beta behavior.
Just saw a clip of a mother stork picking up her perfectly healthy baby and throwing him from the nest, to his death. The reason is to increase the chances of survival of her other 2 baby storks. Nature is cruel in that way.

Of course, we're not animals. But let's say you have a baby with a screwed up piece of shit woman that goes far and beyond to destroy your life and sanity, and uses your child against you without caring he's fucking him up in the process, explain to me, since you have no posibility to change anything, why is it the ultimate cowardice to walk away?

Why is it beta to not let yourself sucumb to a life of neverending drama and arguments, if not way worse? Because society told you from the time you were a baby that as a man you need to sacrifice yourself for "the right thing"? Why not focus on other things, like having a good life, building a family with a good woman and raising good kids that actually have a chance in the world?

Also, another food for thought, if your kid that turned out fucked in the head because of his mother commits some fellonies, maybe even kill a couple of people, and you could help get him released if you would burn some evidence, would you do it? If yes, why? Just because you shot some sperm on a one night stand at some point in your life?



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