Jessica Jones #fundie

Although these children are in heaven, safe and secure and with the Lord, their blood remains in the earth to testify against the doctor, murderer or abuser in the Hall of Judgment when it is time to give evidence. The face of the one who took their life through commission or omission is embedded in the lifeblood Of the unborn or murdered child, and that blood will speak at the court Of their abusers. Every mother who has aborted her child and has not been forgiven of this flagrant abuse of God's precious creation will be held accountable in the time of Judgment. A special angel has lovingly collected every tear shed and preserves them in a special jar. When called, the angel brings the jar to the Seat Of Judgment, and each tear is examined, the circum- stances of the shedding playing like a movie, the event frozen into the fluid of each tear. These tears will offer up their evidence against whoever had caused them to be shed. Everyone who thinks that they are not accountable for every word, deed or attitude thrown thoughtlessly at someone else, family or otherwise, will be surprised to find out that it is not only recorded, but every tear shed or drop of blood shed will give testimony at the time Of judgment.



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