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Re: ITcel thinks having a dick = live life on just exist mode. Calls the bottom guy an incel when he gets called out for it. I’d slap this cuck IRL if I could meet him


I don't understand how cucked you have to be to still believe that women are somehow oppressed in first world countries

the real blackpill is to realize women are not oppressed in any country. Think about it. where are women more oppressed than men? Middle east? Their life is fucking easy there. All you have to do is chill at home and with your friends and wait for some guy to fucking pay for your expensive wedding and then have kids. Never have to work a day in your life. They spend all day watching Korean soap operas and texting. What a difficult fucking life.


yeah they don't have the right to whore around. Not to mention no one has rights in the middle east. You think guys have it easy there? Corrupt workplace, corrupt government, no rule of law so you can easily get cucked out of your business. The only thing guys have in the middle east is the fact they can go home to a family and a wife who wont cheat, and women dont want men to even have that. You let women decide laws and you have successfully cucked yourself.



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