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Kim <Goguen> proving that she controls the currencies around the world evidently created concerns for the psychopaths because both sides, the Order of the Dragon and the Order of the Black Sun decided to have a meeting on Saturday afternoon which took place in New York. The new 24 Rothchilians who stepped up to take on their destiny of World Domination are younger folks, less than 70 years old and have no experience running anything. On the Black Sun side there are some remaining generals who are a step down from the 40 who were removed earlier in the week, and they too have chosen to step up and continue the world domination plans of their Order. <...>
Hundreds of thousands of companies were in this network for a very long time in order to create corporate control of the world. Bush Senior, when he was the Black Eagle and head of the Black Sun had the highest level of control for this network and Kim is sure until recently someone else took that position and still had access. Although she said he would have had limited access because she had firewalled everything which prevented a lot of entry. But if you had access to this network, think how easy it would be to economically assassinate a corporate entity or know who discovered a technology in a university laboratory, which university had the smartest students, etc. So this crap about sanctions against Russia is just nonsense.
She’s been fighting with various versions of Huawei in San Francisco and a few other places also during the weekend because Huawei was actually to be ECHELON 2.0, it was its replacement. And that said, the NSA is still taking orders from the Wangs in China just like they always have. So Kim was fighting with the NSA all weekend too because they were under strict orders to never let Kim <get through sending her single dollar proving she controls the currencies until they could come to the meeting.



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