ServantofJesus #fundie

I had at one time 140 evil spirits. After several months of self deliverence, I cast out 139 of them. Since I couldn't cast out the last one, I had it put in a box by angels with maggots, spinning, the blood of Christ inside, all of the air sucked out, Praises to God blaired in it's ear 24/7, tied up backwards...

When I ask it if it wants the blood of Christ it says yes. It says it loves Jesus, but when I press it over and over, it finally can't say it anymore. It's tormented by these things, but says it likes the torment.

I had broken it's legal rights to me. I had it tormented for several hours until I began to cough really bad and threw up. This went on for several minutes and it would seem that it had come out. When that ended, it felt like I was finally at peace, but after 5 or ten minutes, it came right back, claiming that it never left. This process has been repeated several times over and over. What could the problem be?



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