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[Blackpill] OnlyFans is the top career choice for women, colleges are freaking out


Maybe larp but LMAO if it isn't. Why bother studying and working hard at a job when you can show your tits or open your legs for chad?

I suggested my slut sister to make an OnlyFans account (cause she's fairly attractive looking), and the funny thing is: she was seriously considering it after I showed her that uglier whores than her were making bank. JFL @ the degeneracy in this generation. Foids live on tutorial island.

It's ragefuel, suicidefuel and lifefuel at the same time. The first 2 because foids can make a living by being sluts and stripping on camera, they don't even have to prostitute themselves Lifefuel because women might remove themselves from the job market. Plus it'll blackpill a lot of men if a decent chunk of the female population stops working because of OF. Really shows how easy they have and how much they're ready to sexualize themselves for profit

Why the fuck should I contribute to soyciety in anyway when holes can get naked on camera and live like millionaires. This is the state which soyciety has devolved to. At this stage, suicide or a mass shooting doesn't even seem extreme, but merely the most logical reaction. Come on!
Convince me that a mass shooting is wrong! Go ahead! In this day and age, it's no different from the french revolution.

This is truly the nail in the coffin for society. Why should we: commute and show up to work every day, do hard studies and trades, break our backs, do dangerous jobs, do depressing jobs, take shit from our bosses or HR etc AND PAY FUCKING TAXES when we rot alone while women live like this If OF truly becomes mainstream among women society will either collapse or become a caste system. I'm 100% serious



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