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I don't think most women can be blackpilled. There are only three kinds of BPF women: lesbians (never interested in male dominance in first place), women who were into male dominance but were traumatized out of it (some will go back to their submissive ways), and (smallest group) straight women who were born without attraction to male dominance (probably due to some biological oddity).

As long as a woman is sexually/romantically attracted to male dominance, even if she intellectually and morally knows it's wrong and bad for her and all women, her resistance to it can never be genuine. Women like that dislike the bad/extreme examples of male dominance but they will never reject it entirely because deep inside, they just see nothing wrong with being submissive or protected by males. It feels natural and right and makes them happy and no amount of statistic about rape or domestic violence can compare to that. It is what it is.

And to submissive women, males are always priority number one. Their husband/bf/son but also random males over women. They have the need to please males and since males hate seeing females network or stick together, women tend to just allow themselves become isolated. There's also the simple time and energy constraints, if you are serving your moid and children as domestic slave, you don't have much time to spent with female friends. Most women become pretty isolated when they marry and have kids but of course can't admit they made a bad choice.

Depressingly true. They may not support extreme male dominance but still will delude themselves into believing that some dominance by men is necessary, even good. I have read countless 'feminist' sahms saying how the trad family is empowering and shit. Men hate women grouping together. They even hate libfems, who for all Ik, are actually promoting male interests. Almost all men want the old women-at-home days back. Even the liberal feminist men would probably like to have a womb maid and sex toy permanently at home.



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