I. R. Coon #racist niggermania.net

I went with Mrs Coon to Indonesia, to visit the family, and because of some family matters she staid a little longer, so I flew back on my own with KLM, to Amsterdam, to visit my own folks before going back to the UK. Funny enough, my twin sister happened to do that flight, who works as a FA.

So for the flight from Singapore to Amsterdam, i made sure I got a nice seat, near the exit, with enough leg space. especially for the 13 hour flight. When I was boarding I walked to my seat, but than I saw it, this tall skinny nigger, one of the apefrican version, was standing near my seat. putting its garbage on my seat. so I walked up, dropped my bag in the overhead compartment and looked at it, it excused it self and removed its stuff. but the ordeal didn't stop there, it turned out that it was sitting beside me. My sister passed, and said that the flight was completely full, so I couldn't change seats. And she knows that I'm quite the niggermaniac.

So, it would be a long night flight, since I'm not going to sleep with that thing beside me. One thing, this one didn't smell as nauseating as usual. Watching it, I just notice it again, how can people think that niggers are related to us? I saw it's paws manipulating the in-flight entertainment system, and those paws don't look like human hands at all long fingers and how it worked, it really reminded me of the hands of a monkey. The worst thing, it tried to be helpful, I really thought Fuck off shitskin. And during the flight it was really was annoying, needing more space than it's seat, so when it was sleeping it would bump against me sometimes, so I cursed than.

And latter on I saw this nigger reporting to the immigration with a load of other niggers.. let me guess: other bunch of niggs, looking for hand outs in Europe..



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