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Why the red pill is total garbage

The red pill's wretchedness is summed up in the proposition that "women are the gatekeepers of sex and men are the gatekeepers of commitment".

This is complete bullshit, because the consequence of sex is childbirth, and by giving birth to children a man and a womb-man become family. Therefore, sex is commitment. That is, sex is not just a physical act of fucking a female, but also a pledge and a promise.

Just because the pleasure seeking degenerates use "birth control" in attempts to overrule nature, the men with "great personalities" dump their baby moms turning them into single mothers and the parties involved never form life-long partnerships doesn't make anything said above false. Rather, it supports what I have said above, because it reveals the low value of promises and commitments that modern people make. Given that many of the sex-havers go for abortion if the baby somehow comes to live, it also reveals how much they hate human life as such.

The red pill correctly asserts that used up womb-men with "high n-counts" are not suitable for long-term relationships, but does not in any way address it. Instead of seeking ways to restore the secure life-long commitment of marriage (like defunding womb-men's "rights"), the red pill cucks develop tricks to obtain "easy sex", devaluing both relationship benefits and the sex itself even further. Essentially, the red pill pertains to the degeneracy that has caused its emergence. The red pill is supposedly intended to help men deal with the degenerate modernity, but in the long run all it does is further exacerbate the problems that the naive believers expect it to solve.



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