Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos via Diane Robbins #crackpot #magick #ufo diannerobbins.com

It is being in the Universal flow of our Universe. This is where We exist, as We live Underground. We are in contact with all life in our Universe, and can see and hear and feel all that occurs. This is why our lives are so magical Underground; it's not the depth of the Earth that determines this, but the width of our consciousness—and our consciousness expands with our Universe. The Universe and We are ONE.

And so are you ONE with All That Is. And as the incoming energies flow and integrate within you, your connection with life will increase, until you become fully connected—resulting in Unity Consciousness. Once this occurs, MAGIC BECOMES COMMONPLACE, as your life absorbs the magic of being connected again to all life, everywhere. And you suddenly find yourself in God's arms— fully secure and fully protected.

This is where the intense energies, being directed to you from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy, are taking you. They are taking you back home to the frequency you all left behind when you came to Earth. We, in the Hollow Earth, carried this frequency with Us, and because of our seclusion we were able to maintain our Unity Consciousness, and have been waiting for you to join us.
In the Hollow Earth, our families are in total harmony and we support one another fully in everything we do. We always have our evening meals together, and always have time to sing and dance after dinner. We really understand the term "fun", and it is a large part of our lives.

We dictate these messages to you, to give you "life support" from the Hollow Earth. We are your "life support system" from Underground, and we will continue our flow of energy to you, until you have fully "recovered" from your surface life and make the transition in consciousness to our higher realm of existence.



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