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If men were the ones getting pregnant, women would try to outlaw it on the basis of feminist equality.

They would, and we would have hell to pay if a unborn girl was aborted!

True: If men were the ones who got pregnant, you would find way more men who would support abortion.

Also true: If women weren’t the ones who got pregnant, they would be less emotionally charged over the issue and we would likely see far less women supporting abortion.

Also ALSO true: None of this has anything to do with whether or not it’s right or not. It only speaks to the fact that a person’s own role in the issue emotionally affects how they view it.

Also true, more women are prolife than men. This stands to reason, as abortion lets men run from their responsibilities.

“In numerous studies females score higher than males in standard tests of emotion recognition, social sensitivity and empathy.” Yet for the pro choice women no regard for the defenseless, innocent and children of God who they WILL have to answer to.

If men could get pregnant all feminists will be prolife so nope.

PP gets donations from these zealots and the virtue signaling rich people and corporations, funding from the government, fees for their abortions, AND they get to sell the stem cells harvested from the dead babies. That person is so far lost it’s gonna take divine intervention to get them back. I’d rather wallow in the mud with the prodigal son than be associated with that neanderthal.

Monsters always wanting to kill babies and call it a right



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