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[Serious] It's so depressing to see what little girls become after they reach adulthood.

Christmas is just around the bend. This is a gloomy and reflective season for me. As I'm old, I like reminiscing about my childhood and everything that could have been but never was. I find myself thinking about the girls on whom I used to have a crush, the rejections I suffered, and the disappointments served by life. While in this reflective mood, I decided to google Thora Birch -- a hot and nubile JB back in her heyday. Oldcels will remember her in her prime when she acted in the 1994 movie "Hocus Pocus".

What a walking disaster she has become. She was a favourite of mine. The soft skin, glimmering eyes and natural hair gave way to a wrinkled pale creature that should be in Michael Jackson's Thriller. The typical western woman ages too fast, they're already burnt out and used up by the time they're 18. It's pointless to have such a high age of consent when men are getting nothing but old ragdolls.

For comparison only, mods, be reasonable:



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