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Realizing that people are sinful by nature would cause us to place Bible-reading and prayer back into the public-school system. Is it any wonder why so many children are growing up to be heathen citizens? I mean...is a little decent Bible and prayer time going to hurt the kids in school? No, it would be great for them! The kids are being brain-washed with evolution, why is the story of creation banned? Is not evolution the religious belief of atheists? By the way, atheism IS a religion (it is a belief is it not?). So who's fooling who? Everyone has beliefs, and those beliefs affect their frame-of-mind to make decisions.

So when you think of it, there is no such thing as separation of religion and state. People think the terms "church" and "religion" are synonymous, they aren't. There are MANY religions today that have no church, no building, no organized meeting place (the New Age religion is a good example). Ironically, atheists meet in their various non-profit organizations but are not considered a church because they claim not to be religious. Here's THE TRUTH friend, atheists are VERY RELIGIOUS (that is--they have very strong beliefs). This great misnomer has given the atheists and other heathen organizations an unfair advantage over churches.



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