MajikFireHornet #racist

Sacheen Bigbeaver - ‘scuse me, “Littlefeather” – a (supposed) “American Indian activist” stormed the stage at the 1973 Academy Awards ceremony and delivered a Marxist harangue on the indignities suffered by “American” Indians over the past few centuries. There are, of course no such things as “native American Indians”, since America as such did not exist until White settlers created it by subduing a chaos of savage, Asiatic tribes. All this aside, Sharon Sarah’s transparent alias – simply a literal translation of her German-Jewish real name – was shortly thereafter revealed (ditto her career as an active prostitute), and the whole farce unraveled. Collectively, this was simply another Jewish attempt to co-opt and control yettanother group entitlement (blacks, latinos, government employees, feministas, homosexuals, etc.) and subordinate it to Jewish, zionist-socialist purposes.



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