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[ToxicFemininity] Foids are the happiest when they hear about some foid getting raped and killed

Who benefits the most from a foid's misery? Its certainly not the man who caused it because he will be rotting in jail for the rest of his live. Its definitely not us because we are just coping when we tag such news as Lifefuel.

Its obviously the other foids. Think about it. Lesser foids in this world means lesser competition. Lesser competition means higher chances for them to get fucked by Chad.

Also the orbiters and potential betabuxers of the foid who died have to go somewhere. So some random whore will benefit a lot when those cucks start simping for her.

The more scarce they are, the more they'll be valued. So the next time you see feminist whores protesting over a foid's murder, just remember that some of them are secretly happy that now they can peacefully fuck her Chad boyfriend.

Foids generally take pleasure in seeing other people do worse.

Exactly. They are sadistic bitches.

They are their own enemy sadistic, apathetic whores is all they are




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