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Potent suicide fuel. Chadfish insults foids and all she can think about is having sex with him.

This is one brutal blackpill that even took me a while to swallow. This really shows that foids lust for chad has no bound. Chad can treat foids like literal shit and his success rate of getting her wont be effected. I insulted her and called her ugly and then ghosted her for a month. Now I wanted to fuck with her again so I sent her a message giving her a second chance. You can clearly see how thirsty she is for chad even after a month of being ghosted all while she leaves 100 of guys on read in her inbox. She replies right away to chad who ghosted and insulted her.


I wanted to actually talk to her so I can see how much I can get away with. This bitch is 200% lusting for chad. She even told her friend to take sexy pics of her so she can send it to chadfish. Brutal sui fuel knowing that roastie is getting all dolled up just to send hot pictures to chad only to get blocked by him.


Highly recommended to read the entire post, because this displays female nature perfectly.

I got a woman to cry on the phone today because I stood her up a second time. It was that roastie who I said was only good for a quick fuck and who I called old. Such a shame I didn't record it

Your chadfish experience is getting really good if you stood her up for second time and made her cry lmao . Once you get snap you’ll see how these roasties truely are. Make sure to post those black pills



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