Various Femcels #sexist

What's a sign you're a femcel?

Is it a sign you're a femcel if people constantly avoid you and are mean towards you for no reason, both online and irl? I already knew I'm not a supermodel or attractive judging by my experiences irl, but I recently asked for private feedback on my looks on vrm and I was shocked by the replies. Almost no one answered back, except for one girl that was pretty blunt in her response towards me.

I think deep down you would know if you were a femcel. Everyone knows deep down how attractive they are although some don’t want to acknowledge it. (Unless you have severe bdd)

Strangers, even service workers, being mean to you for no reason, also men letting you know/dropping hints that they aren't attracted to you/you are not their type even though you never were interested in them in the first place

People are genuinely afraid of you because you’re so ugly.

why are u being downvoted? ur literally right and ur a femcel urself???

idk, but that was the biggest indicator for me. if people are not repulsed by your appearance you probably aren’t a femcel

omg who the hell is reporting these comments for misinformation. we're both literally femcels and we're both mods. i can't 😂

People are still pushing for an all inclusive beauty sub and don’t want to admit femcels exist. They assume we are just lacking basic hygiene and that brushing our teeth and putting on nice clothes with instantly turn us into an 8. Being a femcel doesn’t mean you’re unkept 🤦🏻‍♀️

I know this place is women only, but... You know you're a femcel the same way you know you're an incel. When you go on tinder, you get 0 matches even in the 1st 24 hrs of starting an account. You do your best but noboy looks at you. That's the kinds of things I have heard. Also, mods, ban me ASAP.



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