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My biology teacher once said: The best age for men to have sex is 16-17

And she was right.16-17 is indeed the best age to have sex it's the peak of your sexual energy and your love energy.I've read many stories from normies who lost their virginity at 23 or older and everyone has said that it's pointless.Your best ages are gone.Losing your virginity after 23 is like skydiving for the first time at 100 years old just to know what it feels like before you die.Sex is an essential part of being a happy and healthy human and going through your adolescence while not getting it causes an irreparable damage to your health.By 18 you are at the point of no return.Either cope till you are dead or rope immediately



the stigma against virginity exists - fact

most of guys lose their virginity before they turn 18 - fact

[RageFuel] Data on people having sex, virgins, etc. (WARNING: SUICIDEFUEL)

Average age for first kiss: 15 (i seriously thought it was 12/13)

Average for first serious relationship: 18 (Also surprising. thought it was maybe 15/16)

Only 35% of 13-17 year olds have had some type of romantic experience. 14% are in a serious relationship. 5% are in a relationship but not serious one. 16% are not currently dating but have had some type of romantic experience before. 64% have never been in a romantic relationship. Sounds like LifeFuel right? WRONG!! 20% of 13/14 year olds have had some sort of romantic experience. 44% of 15-17 year olds have had some sort of romantic experience.

36% of 15-17 year olds have romantic relationship experience have had sex. Only 12% of 13/14 year olds with relationship experience have had sex.

Average age of virginity loss by country (for male and female):

Males: 16.9
Females: 17.2 (or 17.4)
Overall: 17

Median age for American men: 17.3
Median age for American women: 17.5
Median age for UK men: 16.5
Median age for UK women: 17.5

Being a virgin past 18 means being a subhuman organism.If people find out that you are over 18 and still a virgin they will laugh at you and give you rick grimes death stares.
And especially in 2020 why would a young girl want to have to do anything with an unexperienced 18+ incel when she has an unlimited option of good looking tall guys in her age group?We are doomed to fail

Remember this unarguable fact..

In high school you went for 4 years, 5 days a week, 6 hours a day, with over 100 girls in your grade, who were young, healthy, horny & SINGLE.. and not once did any of those 100+ girls want to have sex with you.

Copers think.. B.but it will be better in college right?

If you have not received an IOI from a foid by 18 YOU WILL NEVER GET ANY

Missing teen love means you are genetic dead-end subhuman trash. No way around it.

This is one of the bullet proof theories and the most brutal one the other pills simply pales in comparison.We became a bunch of walking corpses from the moment we hit 18.
The memory of our sexual failure will haunt us in our scary dreams until one day we wake up and hang up by a rope



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