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[Commenting on New York Penal Law Section 165.35, which forbids conducting exorcism for money, which the topic starter describes as the "demon freedom act"]

our world is very strange and run by brainless people. or poor excuses of people.

how could it be illegal to get rid of evil spirits or demons , it sounds like the government is being run by a demon. you can legally evict a person but not a demon? they are playing favorites.

the world is too odd today. not enough faith, too much science based on nothing. science itself dosnt exhist without god or spiritual reasons behind it.

what do you think of that loser machine they tried to build last year, the one where scientist think they will prove if god exhists or not? i think its an insult to society and its another tower of babel.lets build a tower to see of we can see god. they are always trying to "see" good. but you cannot. who gave them the eyes to see? how about that
yea god did. the machine broke and they are spending billions of dollars on it, on a silly expereiment that might end the world or exhistence. there is no chance of a black hole, i think there will be one or whatever can happen. it has never turned out well in the bible when people tried to test if god is real

what do they think they are trying to do, prove that their science theory is right and then what? institutionalize every person who attends a synagogue, mosque or church for "delusional thoughts". i honestly think the scientists there need an exorcism.

the machine i was talking of was the large hadron collider aka large hell creator



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