Medeea Greere/SGAnon #conspiracy #wingnut

We must remain “organic” with” free choice.” We are in the process of “becoming.” We have “longitudinal memory” and “world-wide connectedness”

This idea looks at the practice of mindfulness which is being aware moment-to-moment of one’s subjective conscious experience. Its purpose is to cultivate self-knowledge and wisdom “apart” from God). SGAnon continues: We must disintegrate our current systems and reshape commerce. We must become unified with one another and share in a common understanding as “we learn who we truly are.” We must design a new system of infrastructure, “a new avenue to disseminate truth.”

Then he went into the procedures of searching out “truth” on the dark web. 2023 will be the year it all comes together. Confusion is a necessary part of war both for the enemy and us. This is how the power structure has maintained its control. The next few weeks will bring much change in the financial structure. More DUMBS are being destroyed. Then he said what is happening is in the spirit of Jesus. The Plan is to save the world and save man’s consciousness. We will be free. We will win this war against good and evil.

Friday the 13th is coming and is quite symbolic.
Thoughts: I just do not have any confidence in his Intel or his New Age Philosophy. It is very concerning, especially if it is associated with MAGA. Unity apart from the truth is a deception.

He sounds very New World Order to me in his approach to reshaping commerce and finding new ways to disseminate truth. That is vey similar to the Hegelian Dialectic (1846), where you have this idea that you are moving from enslavement to liberation.
SGAnon, as well as many others and especially these modern false prophets today are mixing truth with error. That is extremely dangerous. It appears this awakening process to finally get at the truth is going to go on for some time. We don’t have that time.



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