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In a shocking turn of events, Europe is ablaze with EBS alerts as Romania, Germany, Italy, and now Spain implement the Emergency Broadcast System. With whispers of an impending Plandemic 2.0 and global military responses, the continent is gripped in uncertainty. This article dives deep into the reasons behind these activations, the potential for a period of darkness, and the pursuit of traitors and criminals. Buckle up, for we’re about to unravel the truth behind the EBS activations that have Europe and the world on high alert.
Could it be that Europe is bracing for an unprecedented natural disaster? The activation of EBS in multiple countries simultaneously suggests a degree of coordination that extends beyond the realm of typical weather-related alerts. While it’s essential to be prepared for such eventualities, many find it hard to believe that this is the sole reason behind the activations.

Another perspective points to potential security threats. Europe has been grappling with various challenges, including cyberattacks, terrorism, and geopolitical tensions. Some argue that the EBS activations could be a strategic move to ensure the safety of citizens in the face of an imminent threat. However, the lack of transparency and detailed information fuels skepticism.
The countdown to this unveiling is not just the climax of a conspiracy theory; it’s the climax of human history.

This is not a mere drill. It’s the dress rehearsal for a grand revelation. The cloak and dagger days are over; the time has come to be in the know, with precision and perfection. Such a monumental event requires an extensive test and review of every occurrence, activity, and implication. The complexity of revealing the truth on a national, let alone global scale, means that we must adhere to protocols and follow the guidelines to the letter.

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In an unprecedented turn of events, a tidal wave of hope is sweeping across the globe, as a coalition of white hat operatives, military forces, and vigilant citizens gear up to combat the sinister underbelly of human trafficking. Expectations run high as a series of meticulously planned operations are poised to dismantle child trafficking rings that have plagued our society for far too long.

Brace yourselves, for the next 10 months are set to unveil a shocking revelation that will reverberate through the highest echelons of power, forever altering the trajectory of human history.

As the sun rises on a new era, the relentless pursuit of justice becomes the clarion call of the hour. A symphony of police raids, military interventions, and alliance operations are set to take center stage in the fight against child trafficking.

These meticulously orchestrated maneuvers will break the chains that bind innocent lives, sending shockwaves through mainstream media channels and reverberating across the vast expanse of social media networks.

The stars are aligning in a cosmic battle to unveil the true extent of the darkness that has permeated our society. Icons of truth and change, including Congress, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Joe Rogan, and RFK Jr., are joining forces to expose the insidious networks that have perpetuated the heinous human trafficking industry. Through their podcasts and influence, these luminaries are igniting a spark of awareness that will soon engulf the world.
A grand unraveling of truth is in motion, masterminded by the valiant efforts of the white hat operatives. This global awakening will jolt minds out of complacency and thrust the harsh realities of child trafficking into the spotlight. Prepare to be red-pilled on an unprecedented scale, as the shadowy connections between UKRAINE, BIDEN, Hunter’s laptop, Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, MI6, CIA, and Mossad are laid bare.

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So, Why Are We Ill?

Maria: Let’s just set the scene about where we are going. I think everyone is familiar with the fact that we have been living in a world where it’s all been about chemicals, all about toxic food, all about fluoride, and this is why a lot of people are ill.

Where we are now moving to, and what all these cures are all about, is about turning us back to God’s medicine, the ancient ways of medicine, such as in ancient Greece that was based on energy, frequency and vibration.

That’s where we’re moving to. It’s all about mind, body and spirit.

Healing with Vibrational Frequency

Now the reason why I wanted to set that scene is because most of these new cures and technologies (a lot haven’t come out but will be coming) are based on energy. They are based on a vibrational frequency.

This is why it’s so important for people to ascend to 5D dimensional energy, or agape unconditional love, because that’s where you’re going to
reap the full rewards of what is already out there, and what is coming.

Such as the Medbeds, and all sorts of other plasma related energy devices. Everything is based on energy and plasma.
Currently being used with the Rescued Children

Maria: So I think that once that announcement is made with him there is nothing stopping these Medbeds coming out. We know they are already being used for the rescued children, and already being used for our service men and women, especially because they are experiencing a lot of trauma. These beds actually deprogram the mind, and heals all that sort of trauma.
New Healing Internet Technology

With the new Quantum Financial System it’s based on energy. It will be healing us at the same time!

Also, the 5G towers are being converted into Tesla towers so they will all be vibrating on the frequency of 432 hertz which is the energy of agape, unconditional love. So this is another technology… even our Internet technology will be healing us!

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What You Need to Know About the Med Bed
The State of Affairs – September 2, 2023: As of this date, with time stamped in Japan, an incredible transition has taken place. High-end medical technology Med Beds, which were once stuff of legend, are now becoming a reality. Countries around the globe, particularly those under the GESARA agreement, are seeing an influx of these miraculous devices, with some nations having more than they can handle.
Whispers from the darkest corners suggest that the monumental battle with the DEEP STATE has finally reached its conclusion. This ushered in the era of healing, particularly using advanced space technologies to mend our warriors and save countless lives, many of which were innocent children. This lunar base, which was a hub of cosmic recovery, has now transformed into a Med Bed production facility. Yes, you heard it right. The stars are no longer the limit.

Take Japan, for instance. The land of the rising sun has always been at the forefront of technological marvels, and the Med Bed is no exception. Reports suggest that Japan has received a bountiful supply of Med Beds. My guesstimate places this number at several units per prefecture. However, these haven’t reached their final destinations. The majority are strategically placed in US military base facilities and related Japanese Self-Defense Forces locations. The implications? Astounding.
Shedding Light on Two Vital Elements

Timeless Technology: What we consider “cutting-edge” today has roots that stretch back centuries. The technology that’s about to redefine our world has been in existence, hidden in plain sight, masked by layers of deception and secrecy.
Space Alliances: The extraterrestrial entities, our allies from beyond our skies, are sharing with us what they’ve used for eons. They view our forthcoming “novelties” as “retrotechnology.” And though “retro” might evoke a sense of the past, remember that these are tools that have stood the test of interstellar time.

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I. Gathering of the Storm

The signs are all around us. Our world teeters on the edge of a cataclysm, a transformation to obliterate all that is corrupt, all that is saturated with the unholy stench of the Satanic Luciferian. GESARA funds are primed for activation, pushing us towards a complete overhaul of the global system. A pyrrhic victory? Perhaps. But from the ashes of the old world order, We The People shall rise.

II. Battlefields of Power

The Satanic Illuminati, they’ve been right under our noses, hiding in plain sight, and yet shrouded in a cloak of deceit. The Vatican, Buckingham Palace, the White House, not one, but two – one in the heartland of the free world, and the other, ironically, in Germany. The Three Gorges Dam in China, and perhaps even CERN, nestled precariously on the Swiss/French border.

Let’s not forget the towering giant that is Russia. What role does it play in this convoluted power play? And what of Big Pharma, the marionette dancing on the strings of Israel? More specifically, the Khazarians. They’ve ensnared the Chinese Communist Party in their web of deceit, pulling at strings to move chess pieces on the global board.

III. The Fall of Giants

The media, those 34 Satanic buildings and dams, they are but mere puppets on the strings of the Israeli Mossad. They orchestrate a symphony of lies, a cacophony of deceit. But their reign will end. And then, like divine retribution, the Rods of God will descend, annihilating all in their path. A period of biblical turmoil is coming, with the shadow of destruction stretching over the days leading up to Easter.

IV. The New Dawn

Picture a world in a state of utter stillness. The planes and trains have halted. The lights have dimmed. The power is cut. In the midst of this eerie calm, we will witness the birth of Tesla’s free energy, a liberation from the chains of oil dependency. The 34 Satanic landmarks will crumble under the onslaught, leaving behind the ruins of a past we have chosen to reject.

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The wheels of political machination turn incessantly, spinning tales of intrigue and betrayal. The United States, known worldwide as the cradle of democracy, currently teeters on the precipice of political unrest, fueled by relentless rumors of electoral fraud in 2020. What hides beneath the veneer of protocol and tradition? We delve deep into the whirlpool of conspiracies, plots, and unseen forces that appear to be reshaping the course of American history.

Inside the tempestuous theatre of American politics, there’s an alleged scenario rapidly unfolding – the potential removal of President Biden. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is reportedly in a state of panic as whispers of a brewing military coup gain momentum across various social media platforms and networks. This supposed coup, according to some sources, is being propagated by the so-called “White Hats”, individuals believed to be working tirelessly to expose political corruption and restore integrity to the American government.
The storm is far from over. Scandalous rumors of cocaine found within the hallowed halls of the White House are stirring yet another maelstrom. Congress is reportedly gearing up to go on the offensive against the Biden administration, spearheaded by a motivated faction intent on unearthing the truth.
How did we get here? How did cocaine allegedly find its way into one of the most secure buildings in the world? Some insiders assert that the substance was planted intentionally by an internal “mold”, and despite attempts by the Secret Service to kill the story, it managed to leak.
Among all these swirling claims and counterclaims, what is the plan? A narrative points to a systematic strategy to save the world, wherein nothing is coincidence. Proponents assert that the world is about to witness the exposure of a global pedophilia operation linked to the world’s elites and governments, which would ostensibly bring about a major power shift.

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Medical bed.

They use a technology to transform your body into optimal health using the original codes in your DNA. This technology has been proven. With this technology, our society will focus on health rather than disease in the medical field. There will be no reason for any industry to benefit from the epidemic. With Med Beds, every human being will be able to freely restore health and live a healthier life at an older age than we have been able to experience recently.


Med beds are being installed in specialized treatment centers. They will initially be available outside of the current healthcare system. As medical bed technology is revealed, large hospitals and pharmaceuticals will be phased out. This is because our health system will no longer be based on disease but on health. This technology will be fully funded by the white hat military.


There will be no cost to use the medical bed. They will be freely available to the public. The cost of hospital beds will be covered by the white hats military.
MED BEDS – High Tech Medical Bed Technology Suppressed by DEEP STATE and Released by NESARA GESARA


AGE REGRESSION (up to 30 years)




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In an astonishing turn of events, seismic shockwaves have started rippling across the financial landscape, leaving utter devastation in their wake. This monumental catastrophe is none other than the collapsing edifice of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, the financial dynasties that have held the world in their grips for centuries. This revelation, exploding onto the global stage, has exposed the harsh truth behind the gleaming facades of these mighty banking institutions.

Yes, you heard it right! The once unassailable Rothschilds and Rockefellers are witnessing their empires crumble before our very eyes. The years of clandestine operations and untrammeled power are catching up with them, spiraling into an unrecoverable free fall of their clandestine empire. Their desperate efforts to veil their intricate network of corruption have led them to resort to private banks and covert tactics. The net, however, is closing in, and the predators are rapidly turning into prey.
This shocking exposé has echoed beyond the confines of Wall Street. The domino effect of this economic meltdown is hitting global institutions hard. Among those at the brink of fiscal disaster are NATO and the United Nations, the pillars of global peace and cooperation. Severed from their financial lifelines, they’re teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

In a turn of events that sends chills down one’s spine, even the mighty US military, the iron backbone of NATO, is backing away. Military insiders have released classified reports suggesting the shocking truth – without US military support, NATO and the UN are expected to crumble within a month. This scenario paints a grim picture of a world standing on the precipice of a geopolitical crisis, and a potential war with Russia.
In the fight to unmask these corrupt behemoths, every stone unturned leads to new revelations. As we stand witness to this historic unraveling, the future of global finance seems to hang in the balance.

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As the world has been dominated during the last three years by the fake threat that the Globalists want us to believe COVID-19 presents, a much greater risk to human health and the very life that exists on this planet has been covered up, until now.

In a very well documented and brilliantly produced explosive new film just released, The Dimming, by Dane Wigington of GeoengineeringWatch.org, conclusive evidence is presented to show that the planet earth is not being destroyed by global warming as defined by the Globalists, but it is being destroyed by the Globalists themselves through their weather modification efforts to dim the sun by spraying nanoparticles into the atmosphere and then using microwave transmissions such as 5G to weaponize the weather.

The horrendous forest fires on the west coast late last year, the nuclearized winter storm that recently hit Texas, and one that is currently hitting Denver as this is being written, are all related to the Globalists militarized weather modification programs.

These climate engineering programs that are spraying dangerous nanoparticles into our atmosphere every day, and then activated by EMF radiation like 5G, are causing far more sickness and disease than any virus can, including producing “flu-like” symptoms.
These operations are systematically derailing all of earth’s life support systems.

In the attempt to blot out the sun, the myopic short-term objective of trying to cool the planet while worsening the overall warming.

The climate engineers, if these operations are allowed to continue, are pounding the nails into our collective coffins.
By blaming global warming on the population, rather then the Globalists themselves, it is easy to see how the Globalists want to come in and control every aspect of our lives all in the name of “saving the world.”

This is what is behind many of the plans for the future put forth by the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the Rockefeller Foundation, etc.

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Stripped down to its bare essentials, GESARA—the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act—is simply a piece of legislation. However, cloaked in the beguiling attire of conspiracy, GESARA transforms into something far more tantalizing. It becomes Military GESARA—an operation so covert, so audacious, it would make the script of a spy thriller blush.
To fully comprehend the scope and ambition of Military GESARA, we must first unravel the complex tapestry of the prevailing economic system. The very structures that have held the world’s economy in an iron grip for centuries. The gargantuan edifices of finance that perpetuate a world divided, trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of disparity and discontent.
Who are the architects of Military GESARA, you may ask? They’re an anonymous alliance of global military forces—shadow warriors engaged in a clandestine war against financial oppression. Their mission? Nothing less than a full-scale assault on the prevailing economic system—an ambitious attempt to dismantle the oppressive structures that have held humanity captive for far too long.
With a heart beating in rhythm with the drum of anticipation, we continue our descent into the labyrinthine world of Military GESARA. As we traverse the cryptic landscape, a second character looms on the horizon—a symbol of awakening, a harbinger of change. But what is this tool? What cryptic contraption could possibly possess the power to broadcast the awakening of an entire populace to a new economic reality.
Imagine a system so powerful, so ubiquitous, it could penetrate the farthest corners of the globe. A network so vast, it can reach out to every individual, every entity, every institution, challenging the existing narrative and stirring the minds of people towards a new economic reality. Such is the potency of the dissemination instrument, the second character in the grand theatre of Military GESARA.

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MILITARY TRIBUNALS! Why They Are Absolutely Necessary? Because The Barbarians Are Inside The Gate!

Military tribunals are especially required to prosecute the Deep State criminals, rogue Intel & SS agents and Shadow Government perps who are conducting a soft coup against the POTUS.

But why military tribunals?

Because those traitors practically own and operate the U.S. Criminal Justice System, that’s why!

The political reality throughout the USA is that the legal profession is overwhelmingly populated by card-carrying Democrats, liberal lawyers, progressive corporate attorneys, radical activist judges and left-wing DAs.
Barack Hussein Obama is a perfect example of one of these British agents who was financed by the Rothschild investment bankster — George Soros — specifically to undermine the American Republic.

Many of these self-proclaimed advocates get into the biz as a way of pushing their personal agendas, as they also promote an overarching and socially destructive liberal platform. The notorious New York City attorneys and Philadelphia lawyers are, in actuality, the muscle employed by the NWO globalists and national leaders of cultural marxism.
In view of President Trump’s plight, he has no choice but to prosecute the perpetraitors under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Only in this way can the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces be assured that justice will be administered, free from judicial sabotage, legal legerdemain and political interference.
In light of the critical stage of this ongoing coup d’état, it’s especially imperative that the insurrectionists be incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay Detention Center—post haste! In this way, they can be securely imprisoned at great distance from those who would aid their escape. Most importantly, the insurgents can be efficiently moved through the military tribunal process so that justice can be served fairly and swiftly.

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We are in a Horror Show and it’s time to take off the rose-colored Glasses, because there is more and more Criticism of the White Hats Plan, the Earth Alliance etc.

And here is a Summary of what Many may already Think, feel and criticize in the Truth Movement…

1.) It’s boiling under the Truthers, Patriots, White Hats and in the Truth-Movement…

Many well-known Truthers and the People who follow Q and the underground War, who are spiritual, have seen behind the Curtains of the Matrix and are aware of the Alienagenda, the dark Controllers and Beyond, are dissatisfied with the “Plan”, the weak White Hat / Earth Alliance Actions and all the Promises, Speeches and Delays.
The Cabal seems want to leave scorched Earth behind and if the White Hats let this go on for longer and don’t finally come out in Publicly and do something solid about it, then soon there will be no intact Environment, Nature, Earth, People, Animals etc.

The longer this all goes, the more the White Hats will lose Credibility and public Opinion, and the harder it will be, to put everything back Together and put in Order.
2.) Time to get started because the longer the White Hats wait, the Greyer and Darker they become…

Apparently the White Hats are only concerned with the USA at the moment and not with Europe and the Rest of the world. But the so-called Earth Alliance has to liberate the whole World and not just the USA.
4.) The White Hats have caused some collateral damage by choosing the “Wrong Path” for over 1 year…

Simon Parkes says, the White Hats wake-up plan was far too clever, thinking the general Population would be smarter. Unfortunately, that was not the case and the White Hats must admit, that they had miscalculated for over a Year.

They were shocked at how compliant and brainwashed most People are. They would not have thought that the Mind Control that has taken place over the Centuries is so strong.

And to win the Info War, People should finally be “slapped” in the Face with the Truth

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This is not just an article. It’s a wake-up call, a beacon of truth piercing through a miasma of deception. The Vatican, an age-old powerhouse, has been weaving an intricate web of influence throughout history. It’s time we unveil the curtains and witness the shocking truth about the Jewish and Arabic puppets acting at the behest of this spiritual giant. As the precarious balance of the Middle East teeters on the edge, the strings of this grand puppetry become starkly visible. Let’s unravel the conspiracy and lay bare the machinations of the Vatican.

My dear reader, I am here to expose a conspiracy of epic proportions. It’s a game of chess that’s been played for centuries, with unsuspecting nations and communities serving as unwitting pawns on a global scale. And at the heart of it all, pulling the strings with calculated precision and unabashed audacity, is none other than the Vatican.

The Vatican, that venerable institution, a beacon of faith for over a billion Catholics worldwide, renowned for its spiritual guidance and benevolent philanthropy. Who would dare to implicate such a hallowed institution in a global conspiracy?

I would.
But how can they accomplish such a feat?

That’s where the hidden agenda of high-level orders comes into play. This network of orders, covertly aligned with the Vatican, acts as conduits for their will. They infiltrate governments, influence decisions, and manipulate outcomes, all while remaining hidden in the shadows.

Yet, even while shrouded in secrecy, their existence isn’t entirely hidden. One only needs to connect the dots.
Now, you might ask, why would the Vatican do this? The answer is simple yet chilling – power and control. By manipulating the pawns on this global chessboard, they maintain a semblance of chaos, ensuring their place at the head of the global order remains unthreatened.

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As Nesara-Gesara build up continues… it’s actually rolling out
Will be rolled out

For that to occur there has to be a Black Swan Event which Klaus Schwab (the mask) has said is going to happen. That is, the Stock Market is going to crash. We cannot have two financial systems in competition with each other. Currently they are running along side each other, but not in competition.

Med beds will also be rolled out

Chaos predicted to create fear and division

This is all the Deep State have in their arsenal is fear and division

False Flags and shootings are going to be on the rise

Pipe bombs found on railway tracks to derail more trains

More chemical plants and food processing plants going up in smoke

Mass shootings in the States

This is not necessarily the Black Hats themselves creating this havoc, but the minions who are still working within the government, commerce and business. These people are following a directive given to them 6-12 months ago and haven’t received the memo that they’ve lost!

Part of the Nesara-Gesara build up is the fake World War III

World War III is going to be the great wake-up call for a lot of people. It may be the ‘event’ they are all talking about.

The fake Kamala Harris (the actress acting as Kamala… remember the mask lifting?) was in Germany accusing Russia of war crimes in Ukraine. She said that the American government had evidence of that. Russia asked for proof! Now Russia has moved a submarine closer to the American shoreline.

It’s all ramping up to this fake World War III scenario. (It’s theatre… This is all a script being acted out for the world to see… you must comprehend that! – Marilyn)

(Kamala Harris could not leave Germany on Airforce II because it ‘broke down’! Interesting fact!)

There will be:

Chaos in the streets.
False flags.
Mass shootings.
Anything the DS can put their hand to.

The National Guard are being deployed. It’s interesting to note that where the derailments have happened, they are on the streets already. Hint. Hint.

Alex Newman/Greg Hunter #conspiracy #wingnut #quack amg-news.com

Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular books “Deep State” and “Crimes of the Educators,” predicted at the beginning is this year that the Deep State demons will have one crisis after another to keep people confused and afraid.

Newman says expect many more disasters and explains,

“All across the country we are seeing very bizarre things happen. Factories and chemical plants going up in flames, food processing facilities blowing up, airplanes crashing in mysterious ways, and I think we are heading into an era of really serious crisis.

Then, right before the World Economic Forum meeting this year, they actually put on their website is 2023 the year of the polycrisis? Of course, it will be the year of the polycrisis. I think we are prepared and being groomed for cyber-attacks, currency crisis, economic crisis and, of course, Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan.

I think all of this is going to be used for a series of never-ending crises until we are ready to give up our freedoms, give up our national sovereignty and self-government, and move towards this crazy totalitarian, technocratic system they want.”
Newman says it’s not going to be a kind transition for most people. Newman says, “The thing that is so hard for people to understand is that there are very powerful people that are working together, and they absolutely want to kill you. That is not speculation.

These people have been openly saying for a century that they believe there are too many people on this planet. . . . The eugenics movement never died. Margaret Sanger, the Rockefellers, Dr. Joseph Mengele was funded by the Rockefeller dynasty. These people are very much still around. Bill Gates is the perfect example.

His dad was on the board of Planned Parenthood, the largest butcher of unborn babies in America. . . . Bill Gates says openly and frequently that there are too many people on this planet. He wants to use vaccines and healthcare to reduce the number of people on the planet.”

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A heavy veil of secrecy shrouds the Antarctica like an eternal winter. Why is it illegal to fly over it? Is it merely due to safety reasons, as the government likes to spoon-feed us? Or is it a far more insidious reason: to hide clandestine operations, undercover bases, or maybe even something supernatural?

The journey begins with a small, simple question, “Why can’t planes fly over Antarctica?” It’s a hushed up fact, a small regulation hidden in the shadowy corners of the Federal Aviation Administration’s rulebook. But why? Well, officially, it’s due to “safety considerations.” But I am here to tell you, it’s not that simple.

Take the Polar 3, for instance, a German aircraft that made the Antarctic crossing successfully in 1984. Or the Qantas sightseeing flights, which flew over Antarctica for two decades, from the 1970s to the 2000s, without a single incident. If these flights were possible, then why the ban now?
As we plunge deeper into this frosty mystery, the whispers of covert, underground bases in Antarctica become louder. Reports of anomalous activities, eerie silhouettes under the ice visible through satellite imagery, strange seismic activities, and inexplicable weather patterns paint an unnerving picture.
Moreover, the CIA’s involvement in Antarctica can be traced back to Project COLDFEET, a secret mission that took place during the height of the Cold War. Officially, it was about retrieving abandoned Soviet equipment in the Arctic. But could there be a parallel, undisclosed Antarctic mission that remains deeply buried within the archives of the CIA?

It’s time to shatter the frosty glass of ignorance. Antarctica isn’t just a desolate desert of ice. It’s a fortress of secrets, tightly sealed by the forces that puppeteer global affairs.

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Our story begins with the Wagner Group, a private military corporation that’s been a key player in numerous conflicts around the globe. An organization so enigmatic, it’s said to be ghost-like, its soldiers apparitions on the battlefield, often appearing where you least expect them.

For months, murmurs have circulated that the Wagner Group was planning a military coup against Russia’s iron-fisted leader, Vladimir Putin. This information, it is claimed, had been shared with Putin long before by a covert entity known as the World Alliance Military, operating behind the scenes on the world stage.
This story weaves in the involvement of not just the British intelligence, MI6, but the American CIA as well – agencies allegedly under the control of the powerful Rockefeller and Rothschild families, modern vestiges of what some conspiracy theorists refer to as the Fourth Reich.

According to these theories, the Wagner Group’s supposed coup against Putin wasn’t a standalone operation.
In the intricate universe of global geopolitics, a daring theory takes shape. A narrative intertwining game theory, international intelligence agencies, and the military reveals a chessboard where nations play for the highest stakes: global dominance. From the U.S. military’s alleged use of game theory to destabilize the ‘deep state’ to Vladimir Putin’s reported counter-maneuvers against the Wagner Group, the undercurrents of this dramatic plot expose the specter of clandestine operations shaping the course of world events.
Putin reportedly ignited game theory operations against the Wagner Group, an enigmatic private military corporation. By letting them enter the war and push their agenda, Putin set a clever trap.

This strategic move, guided by game theory, ostensibly exposed the last card of the CIA, NATO, DARPA, and MI6 operations that included Russian military moles.

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So, you ask, how much energy is required to create, and then direct, storms? The answer to that question depends upon many factors, but let us tell you how much capability has been built into the newly created power transmission station in remote Alaska.

These power transmission towers are not your typical towers, as they are designed to generate power in such a way that it is beamed up into the ionosphere in tremendous quantities.
Now, let us examine some of the concerns of these New Age scientists of the damage HAARP can inflict upon the earth. HAARP can:

–Create Earthquakes on demand wherever and whenever you wish on the earth.

–Manipulate Global Weather Systems, changing weather patterns, rainfall, drought

–Earth going wild in its rotation, possibly spinning out of control

–Magnifying and Focussing sunlight, called ‘Skybusting’.This process could burn holes in the protective ozone layers, thus allowing intense sunlight to pour through, burning mankind severely .

–Mind Control . Using extremely low frequency bombardment at just the same frequency as the human brain operates, you can change a person’s thoughts or emotions.

God help us all when and if wicked men achieves finesse with this weapon!

–HAARP can create nuclear-sized explosions without radiation! This process is protected by patent 4,873,928. This might be the “great” sword being wielded by the forces of Antichrist in Revelation 6:4. With this weapon, you could attack targets with nuclear-sized explosions without having to deliver nuclear warheads on missiles, or on aircraft, or any carrier!! This development could render all military calculations about how to defend against an enemy’s attack completely useless.

Suddenly, my mind lights up like a light bulb! Suddenly, I understand why the Russian and American negotiators were suddenly able to reach agreement on the destruction of so many warheads and missiles.

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We must remain “organic” with” free choice.” We are in the process of “becoming.” We have “longitudinal memory” and “world-wide connectedness”

This idea looks at the practice of mindfulness which is being aware moment-to-moment of one’s subjective conscious experience. Its purpose is to cultivate self-knowledge and wisdom “apart” from God). SGAnon continues: We must disintegrate our current systems and reshape commerce. We must become unified with one another and share in a common understanding as “we learn who we truly are.” We must design a new system of infrastructure, “a new avenue to disseminate truth.”

Then he went into the procedures of searching out “truth” on the dark web. 2023 will be the year it all comes together. Confusion is a necessary part of war both for the enemy and us. This is how the power structure has maintained its control. The next few weeks will bring much change in the financial structure. More DUMBS are being destroyed. Then he said what is happening is in the spirit of Jesus. The Plan is to save the world and save man’s consciousness. We will be free. We will win this war against good and evil.

Friday the 13th is coming and is quite symbolic.
Thoughts: I just do not have any confidence in his Intel or his New Age Philosophy. It is very concerning, especially if it is associated with MAGA. Unity apart from the truth is a deception.

He sounds very New World Order to me in his approach to reshaping commerce and finding new ways to disseminate truth. That is vey similar to the Hegelian Dialectic (1846), where you have this idea that you are moving from enslavement to liberation.
SGAnon, as well as many others and especially these modern false prophets today are mixing truth with error. That is extremely dangerous. It appears this awakening process to finally get at the truth is going to go on for some time. We don’t have that time.

Medeea Greere #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot amg-news.com

When TRUMP STOOD BETWEEN 3 AND 4 FLAGS ( and the rest of the flags were off camera to the left), these were Military COMMS to Generals, Commanders, and Military intelligence battalions
> Department of Defence Laws Of War chapter 3. Section 4.
Inside the current Mil. Operations PLAN taking place > DEVOLUTION> continuity of government
1st stages of 11.3.// The President Chief and commander of the Armed Forces who initiated the DEVOLUTION PLAN must give fair Warning to Military commands and strategic intelligence operations that THE LAWS OF WAR chapter 3.4 must be followed in accordance to Operations or they are subject to War Crimes and Tribunals, and the judgment is equivalent to life in prison or death.

Everything Trump is doing in Military protocols is being done by the book> Department of Defense LAWS OF WAR.

Who issued the illegal Warrants against Trump for investigation, wire tappings, placing Stormy Daniels (Do you really think STORMy Daniels Name is coincidence? BAD ACTOR/GOOD ACTOR?

A few months ago, I told you white hats unleashed their military Intelligence A.I.’s system that would combat the deep state A. I. System ….>

Keep watching the internet as White Hat’s A.I.s keep leaking CLASSIFIED plans…
As the uncovering of Hundreds of billions of $$$$$$$$$$ of the CCP’s money was hidden inside Silicon Valley Banks is being EXPOSED slowly> Behind The Scenes Mil Investigators ( Intelligence Battalions ) are gathering data and breaking encrypted codes through the SVB financial Democratic money-laundering systems …..

SBV COLLAPSE and [DS] connections are reaching the highest sources in the U.S. government> cia > pentagon> Obama> Biden> UKRAINE MONEY LAUNDERING SYSTEM, CONNECTED TO THE CCP <
*The public community often does not know Trump, intelligence orgs. Military commands often speak in CODED MILITARY COMMUNICATIONS THROUGH LIVE PUBLIC BROADCASTS .>>>>

Medeea Greere #wingnut #ufo #magick #conspiracy amg-news.com

We… primarily the White Hat military alliance AND the infamous but courageous patriot Anons, digital warriors, have been taking back the planet from the nefarious infiltration of the Deep State cabal.

You don’t have to believe me, or anything shared on this blog. If you have an issue with it, go elsewhere.

There is “Q” and there are Anons; there is no QAnon… that was Mockingbird media disinformation.

Eventually, the world, the entire planet… or those who are connected electronically, will know that the dark has been uncovered, drawn into the Light, and thankfully removed. Then, it will be up to those still surviving to rebuild our cultures, reestablish our moral code, and treasure our children and loved ones.

If we have learned anything out of this fight, is that Earth humans are amazing, powerful, infinite Beings of Light. Our evolution was suppressed for a time, but we are emerging like fierce Light warriors and asute compassionate Teachers, ready to take on whatever challenges present themselves.

And many of us know we are not alone. Our galactic Guardians, the Seeders, and many other benevolent Councils and organizations are watching us as we step out of the darkness and into the Light.

The planet is ascending. We are ascending. Our consciousness will change to reflect the environment in which we now find ourselves. Relieved of pain, suffering, and trauma, we will heal as individuals and as a collective.

Only balanced individuals will be able to continue onward and upward, but all are invited.

Our galactic cousins and neighbors await our arrival as a fully-fledged galactic culture. It will emerge faster than you might think as you gaze at your television set… Turn it off and walk in Nature.

Some of us will head to space and expansion of what is possible; others will embrace a way of life that nurtures the planet and inner Self. We will have free choice and will honor that of others. Life is an adventure; embrace it.

Medeea Greere #ufo #magick #conspiracy amg-news.com

As defined by Keylontic Science, the Phantom Matrix is a Black Hole System created by the Fallen Angelics design to continually drain and accrete energy and consciousness from our living Time Matrix. Being in a state of chaos is a signature trait of the phantom matrix.

As defined by Michelle Walling, a matrix is a grid system the provides the light required to have a physical representation of consciousness in the form of a human body. Being in a state of peace and tranquility is a signature trait of the living matrix.

The New Earth Reality has been separated from the Fallen Angelics and the Phantom Matrix after billions of years being attached to it.

However, there are still lingering effects of the phantom matrix and the path is still available to Angelic Humans if they choose it. When you ascend to higher dimensions, you can still access the lower ones through a free will choice.

There has been much debate about ascension paths, FAtalE connections, Bourgha Fall Paths, the New Earth Reality, and the 5th dimension. The following are 6 signs that you are falling, not ascending, existing in, or heading toward a phantom matrix timeline:
1. You live in a war zone or a war-like area or neighborhood.

If you are living in an area that is surrounded by death and destruction, you need to figure out a way to leave it immediately!

Your soul has chosen to incarnate into this chaos and you must figure out how to escape it at once! This is based upon a 15 dimensional reality and somewhere in your soul matrix and/or your past lives you are in a battle. As above, so below.
2. You are incarcerated in a correctional facility.
3. You household is dirty and in constant disarray
4. You are addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, or money.
5. You are violent and/or self-destructive in actions or thoughts.
6. You ALWAYS find a dark cloud or negative aspect of everything and respond negatively to all attempts of people to bring you positive energy or thought constructs.

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GESARA NESARA TRUMPSARA is coming. Get ready for the (GCR) Global Currency Reset and (QFS)!
Quantum Financial System before everyone else. ALL Banks worldwide are moving to (CBDCs) Central Bank Digital Currency right now. It’s your last chance to get into crypto/gold/silver before the banks activate the QFS.

The Global Currency Reset (GCR) and (NESARA GESARA) is upon us!

The central banks are using crypto for the new QFS. Regulated ISO 20022 Cryptos like XRP, XLM, XDC, ALGO, IOTA, SHX, HBAR will change the world and EXPLODE 10X, 100X, 1,000X and Even More.

You really don’t want to miss out on this.


Gold/Precious Metals and Nesara/Gesara.

Two different factors for the GCR event:

● Factor 1: The RV (the revaluation of world currencies)

● Factor 2: The Quantum Financial System

In order for rainbow coins, bonds or ISO20022 assets to start moving in value, physical precious metals must first undergo a reassessment!

Once the new assessment is defined, the weight of compliance with Basel III + Bretton Woods 3 will bring legitimacy to everything else, triggering ISO20022 regulation.

RV – The Redemption Team was pushing to get Global Currency Reset liquidity before Christmas. Redemption Center personnel were scheduled to work long hours all this and next week, except for Christmas Day.

The Alliance remained in charge and continued to make Mass Arrests across the globe, along with holding Military Tribunals at the US Capitol in Washington DC, GITMO and Antarctica.

RV – The Redemption Team was pushing to get Global Currency Reset liquidity before Christmas. Redemption Center personnel were scheduled to work long hours all this and next week, except for Christmas Day.

The Alliance remained in charge and continued to make Mass Arrests across the globe, along with holding Military Tribunals at the US Capitol in Washington DC, GITMO and Antarctica.

Medeea Greere #wingnut #ufo #conspiracy amg-news.com

An ominous cloud looms overhead. It’s time to strip away the veil, to unravel the cabalistic cover-up that has plagued the world for far too long. The rabbit hole goes deep, but we’ll navigate its perilous depths together. There are stark truths awaiting, a paradigm shift marking the end of the world as we know it. Ready or not, it’s time to delve into the mysteries of sealed indictments, the rise of GITMO, and the uncovering of deep state malevolence.

Brace yourself. It’s no longer just conspiracy theory; it’s an onslaught of verified facts and startling truths that promise to shake your core beliefs to their foundation.
In the years leading up to Trump’s presidency, Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, better known as GITMO, was but a blip on the radar. Today, its significance has expanded exponentially, echoing the echoes of a monumental reckoning.
As of August 5, 2022, the records show 182,771 sealed, 21,381 unsealed, and 409,152 non-sealed indictments for crimes against children and human trafficking. Politicians across party lines, both Democrats and Republicans, have found themselves stepping down from office under the weight of such horrific allegations.

The litany of charges is horrifying: human trafficking, organ trafficking, child sex trafficking, slavery, treason, terrorism, fraud, misuse of AI, genocide, brainwashing, defamation, 5G endangerment, religious discrimination, misrepresentation, censorship, privacy infringement, and even the prevention of humanity’s salvation from biotech dangers. It’s a monstrous roll call that reveals the insidious underbelly of the so-called elite.

Rumors swirl of doubles and clones, of the deep state bending to Trump’s will. We are on the cusp of victory, they claim, with the DECLAS revelations serving as the wake-up call for the sleeping masses and the unmasking of concealed players. It’s a curious twist, an unlikely rallying cry: Make GITMO Great Again!

Unknown German Anon/Medeea Greere #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon amg-news.com

Translation from German to English with Deepl:

President Trump. Former President Trump. Current President Trump. What is happening now. He said a few days ago that the next 7 days will be remembered. 2 days earlier Elon Musk confirmed that the quantum internet would be available by the end of December.

The activation of the quantum internet will mean that the quantum financial system will also be used. According to Musk, this should happen by mid-December. The three … (could ned raushören, what he means with it. Around Sek. 50-53 rum) and the gigantic Pharma laboratories will start the black swan Event, with which everything else will begin.

Not only the revaluation of global currencies as well as the distribution of wealth and disclosure of 6000 cures but also the securing (restoration) of freedom will go along with it. These events will change the world forever. We are talking about the present period up to the end of December.
The Iraqi government was supposed to expose their international rates last Monday. The IMF required them not to do so. Now the Iraqi government released this yesterday. The international rate for the new dinar is $11.90.

The interesting thing about the new dinar is that it’s called the golden dinar. Since it is gold backed. The Kuwaiti government shares this currency. What is remarkable İst. On the one hand, this will give stability to the Midwest. For another, İrak has repaid Kuwait for the İnvasion by Saddam Hussein.
But not with the worthless dinar (did they undertake this repayment). They paid with the new gold-backed currency. Thus both countries are ready to forgive each other and to put the past aside. It should be mentioned here that the İran is behind this reconciliation.

Those of you who followed the currency as well as the currency basket know for the global revaluation of the currencies-not the Great Reset bullshit of the Rothschilds-the İrak had to be the first country. All others would follow

Medeea Greere #conspiracy #crackpot #wingnut #quack amg-news.com

It’s official, not only is Obama responsible for “the plandemic” with evidence coming out publicly of them moving their virus facilities to Wuhan and donating 3.7 million dollars, but he is also a Freemason deceiver and imposter that used weapons of mass distraction and made it legal to use propaganda and lies on the public while protecting his globalist buddies in big tech and social media through Section 230!

The fact that Obama got away with Section 230 and HR 4310 and many other crimes should make every single persons head explode on the planet. This is the very reason the world is so divided, many are still programmed and addicted to fake news and trapped in the Matrix designed to enslave their minds..
Hope you’re not a fan of Obama at this point. Yes my friends, he bamboozled many of us with his charm and bright smile with an uncanny ability to read a teleprompter like a programmed robot. That tall, slim, sharp dressed MK mind controlled Manchurian candidate POS that despises America deserves an academy award for his acting skills.

Once I realized these Freemason creatures have been tried with TREASON I shouted downstairs to my MSM loving hubby with excitement “You know what you get for TREASON right?” He yells back “A T-Shirt?” So I sent him this picture and asked him to put it on a T Shirt for me so I can wear it while we witness their filmed executions.

16 Year Plan to Destroy America

It was a 16 year plan to destroy America, FISA = Start, US Military has it all. Military Intelligence intercepted the deep states 16 year plan to destroy America. (8 years of Obama, then 8 years Hillary)

Medeea Greere #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon amg-news.com

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is designed to protect our hard earned dollars, individually, because they each contain this code, and protect us from monetary asset forfeiture by the International Cabal. The documents reenforce that fact that it is backed by gold and levels the playing field across the U.S. Dollar, Yen, and EU currency. Although there is a focus on AI, we must remember that these systems can be used for GOOD! This system appears to be set up to do just that!

Quantum Financial System (QFS) is building a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for the Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS). It’s a network based on Sovereignty and Commerce.
QFS reigns supreme in the photonic technology at 3.5 trillion frames per second.. It replaces obsolete IP dynamic routing with the true physical GPS authentication between sender and receiver routing while upholding 100% financial security and transparency of all currency holders.

Protocols will be instituted with QFS so that Artificial Intelligence will control the transfers and independently be allowed to control the global financial network unless the highest level of approval is given . Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) program will handle instant settlements in real time without delays!
NO FIAT CURRENCY IS LEGAL IN QFS as it cannot be designated as “clean, clear, non-terroristic, or originating from legal activities”

FIAT currencies in “possession” at time of implementation of QFS and deemed “legal” will be exchanged for gold backed currency on a one to one basis. “Reconciliation” process

Without the ability to reconcile old FIAT money into the new QFS, ALL CENTRAL BANKS ACTIVITIES WILL CEASE.
The application of the formula and the common value of all gold means that a country’s currency must have the same value as another country’s currency. This is referred to as the GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET.

Medeea Greere/Chris Everard #conspiracy #crackpot #wingnut #homophobia amg-news.com

DID YOU KNOW the BOSS of the M.I.5 SPY NETWORK was a member of Aleister Crowley’s elite Satanic Society called the ‘A:.A:.’?

Did you know the Deputy Director of M.I.6 used a fake name “Peter Henderson” and was a member of a club trading CHILD PORNOGRAPHY?

Did you know the former leader of the LABOUR PARTY was a disciple of Aleister Crowley, and was the executor of Crowley’s last will and testament?

CHRIS EVERARD’S new digital book is a fully illustrated expose of the ‘SATANIC SYNDICATE in WESTMINSTER’ – it blows the lid on the Pedo Cult at the root of Government.

My grandfather was a diplomat and a member of the Knights of Malta. My grandfather explained to me that the embassies around the world are nothing more than spying stations. Insider trading and industrial espionage are the central main reasons why those embassies exist – as a general rule of thumb, the embassies don’t give a damn about their own countrymen abroad…
In fact, most people who rise to prominent positions of power at Westminster are hedonists – they HATE the general public – and take great pleasure in violating and sexually raping children from the Working Classes – that is not an idle accusation – my new digital book is packed with tons of evidence which links Cameron’s government to a SATANIC SYNDICATE of child rapists, swindlers and corrupt gangsters…

A ‘diplomat’ is basically a ‘spy’. And many of the spies were pedophiles – in fact, Maxwell Knight who was the head chief of MI5, was a man in a lavender marriage who used to have a regular gay blow job in his garden shed whilst his wife entertained guests with Earl Grey, lemon and served in the finest bone china.

Maxwell Knight, being a pervert, of course, recruited men who he could get sexual favours from – the entire George Smiley Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy network portrayed by the BBC has this important component sorely missing from its fictional narrative.

Medeea Greere #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut #psycho amg-news.com

The list of arrests and executions of famous people should be released early 2021 and the world will be changing soon.

Intel says Bill and Melinda Gates were in India in 2013 giving children vaccinations and many died, or were left paralyzed, because of the Gates vaccine. People who had their children die by this “vaccine” hanged Bill and Melinda Gates at the same time in July of 2013. The persons they have on house arrest are not Bill and Melinda Gates. They are doubles.
Obama said “I was only following orders.” Yeah, Obama followed orders of treason from the cabal. Obama made a plea deal and was let out for a time to help President Trump. Somewhere along the line, Obama violated the plea deal and was rearrested, put before a firing squad and shot in the back of the head.
Lying Big Mike (aka Michelle Obama) was executed shortly after. Obama turned over Big Mike to get a plea deal
If you see a video of a famous person who was arrested or executed, it is done by CGI (deep fake.) If the person is making a personal appearance, it will be a double or a clone.
The Pence you have seen on tv with Trump is a clone. Pence was arrested long ago after the coup he was involved in with Paul Ryan. If a person has died of covid, that is code for they were arrested or executed.
Hillary Clinton died the day she spoke at the 9/11 event and collapsed at the SUV when she was told she was under arrest. They rushed her to her daughter’s house because it is a medical facility for her. A double came out and said she was ok.
By the way, GITMO is full. Some of the famous people who were arrested and on house arrest, or at GITMO, are still in the tribunal negotiating a deal.

Medeea Greere #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #fundie amg-news.com

Starting from the Vatican City, for the first 150 miles, (241 km) there was found a huge amount of gold stacked 13 levels high. I’m not sure what ’13 levels high’ actually means, but whatever, it was a lot.

Along with this massive amount of gold were found many books or manuscripts. It has been said that these ancient books were stolen out of the Bible!

Do I believe that? Well, I’m not going there as it would be conjecture at best. I’m just reporting what was relayed to Charlie Ward as to the findings under the Vatican.

Covid-19 used as a smokescreen
You may remember that when the ‘Covid-19 pandemic’ first hit, one of the worst places was in Italy. Remember all the headlines:

COVID-19 Pandemic in Italy

Italy scrambles to contain second wave as daily COVID-19…
Italy’s daily COVID-19 cases hit new high and on, and on, and on! This was when the Alliance and Military were taking down the 13 bloodline families, and the Vatican. During this period they found the underground tunnels, the gold and the scrolls/books etc.

It was completely necessary that they kept the world’s attention on the ‘virus’ which allowed them to clean out the tunnel and other necessary work that needed to be done. The Spirit of God says:

“There is a dig, an archeological find that is coming in an underground vault, which will be so cataclysmic that it will ROCK the Christian world. The answer lies between Jerusalem and Vatican city.” Mark Taylor – Prophetic Word 1-25-2018 (FYI: Read the whole 1 page prophecy)

650 Plane Loads

650 aeroplanes were required to carry away all the gold that was brought out of the tunnel which led to Jerusalem.

Please note that when they went to Buckingham Palace, they found similar… huge amounts of gold etc., stored up for the wealthy, having been robbed from the poor.
We are moving into a different world, only made possible by the complete removal of the evil Cabal who have been busy robbing us blind in every possible way.

Medeea Greere #crackpot #magick #conspiracy #fundie amg-news.com

Start of the 6 night of the Tun calendar today.

Sept. 6th is the start of the Sixth Night of the Ninth level of the Tun calendar which was discovered by Carl Johan Calleman in 1988.

We as humanity are accelerating in being a sovereign co creator and eventually everyone having Unity Consciousness. We are only 20 days away from entering the Seventh day of ALL Nine levels of the Tun calendar.

We started this journey 16.4 billion years ago.

The Nine levels have 13 waves of 7 days and 6 nights.

The first level took 1.28 billion years to go through Each of the 13 waves. The second level it took 64 million years. The third level 3.2 million years. The fourth level 160 thousand years. The fifth level 8,000 years. The Sixth level started 3115 BC and took 395 years. The Seventh level 19.7 years. The Eighth level took 360 days and the Ninth level which started Jan 29 takes 20 days.

Some of the Major events that happened in the Sixth Night. In the Fifth level we had the Fall of Atlantis which was 13,000 years ago and during the time of Noah. We were in the age of Leo and the entering of the bronze age. Great scientific technology was on Atlantis.

We had free energy then and airplanes that ran on what was called the night side of life which I think was monatomic elements. The pyramids were built using the monatomic elements.
The Seventh level was from 1982 to 2002. And the major event that happened was 9/11. And NOW we are coming up to 9/11 again in the ninth level. Amazing.

The Eighth level was from November 8 2019 to Nov 2 2020. Of course the major event was the Covid 19 virus “plandemic”.

Just know that God is in Control. Breathe and know that this baby is about to be born on October 28 21. In conclusion tyranny like hell is not easily conquered yet we have this consolation with us that the harder the conflict The more glorious the Triumph

Unknown Telegram Poster/Medeea Greere #crackpot #conspiracy #quack #wingnut amg-news.com

As you know now, the cabal had long ago planned to kill billions through a pandemic that was planned long ago. You can find hundreds of sources verifying this by searching “LOCKSTEP>ROCKEFELLERS plan/GATES”. There are countless interviews and speeches showing their plans to reduce world population.

For example, look up “GEORGIA GUIDESTONES”. And, in one of his speeches, Fauci assured his audience that a Pandemic was coming for the Trump administration. He and his cabal associates own all the patents for the Corona virus (SARS). Proof of that has been all over the Internet as well.

WHEN TRUMP released the vaccines in record speed in 2020, it completely disrupted the CABAL plans. Their original plan was to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest through 5 years of torture/full lockdowns/martial LAWS/mental psychological ops >[MSM] EXTREME EXTREME FAKE DEATH COVERAGES WORLD WIDE >>MOCKINGBIRD<<

By the second year of lockdowns, medication including methamphetamines (speed), DANGEROUS sleeping pills, painkillers, and 15 deadly other medications were planned to bring billions into psychosis, deadly depression, and suicides . . . and stop the production of the pineal gland.

Years into the lockdowns, the deaths from the FORCED medication and psychological torture lockdowns and removal of essential fruits, meats, vegetables and grains would ensure sickness and deaths.

WHEN TRUMP released the vaccines… He destroyed the MOLOCH WORLD SACRIFICE SATANIC DEEP STATE PLANS to torture and kill billions through a systematic genocidal agenda. The children would have suffered publicly through “legal” addictions to FORCED deadly medications and overdose. The torture they would endure would insure hospitalization that would induce more torture and pain producing >>>ADRENOCHROME<<<. That was the ultimate plan.

Medeea Greere #crackpot #conspiracy #quack #ufo amg-news.com

Why is this brutal, painful, aggressive false test, which gets in people’s noses, breaking the brain barrier? And then I remembered…

When I read about the hieroglyphs of Hatchepsout Temple a couple of years ago, I met this method there.
It was an ancient Egyptian method, but I think the Egyptians also took it from “someone”, because this kind of intervention, the violation of the epithelial dam through the nose, activates the panic center and the fear center in people.
This is scientifically called a reptilian brainstorm, which is responsible for the development of fear, between other things.

Well, in ancient Egypt, the slaves who were captured to build the pyramids, before that, were subjected to this intervention, as they could modify the “reptilian” nerve of the human brain, and if they did the “PCR test” well, the person he becomes in a state of fear of death, so he is an obedient, influential, perfect slave in the deadly work of pyramid building (this is also a nice little illuminati symbol ).

This has now become part of the method of intimidation in the media and politics. People are afraid of the PCR test, the + or – result is crucial, and meanwhile, this fear becomes permanent psychosis if the PCR test is used to violate the pituitary epithelium in front of the reptilian brainstem.
And then, the intimidated people are afraid and become obedient, wears the mask, and does not dare to bounce back, even if his mother or child is scraped in front of him in a black corpse bag after being killed according to protocol.

There is a whole series of this on the wall of the great temple of Thebes, with an exact description of how to enslave slaves to obedience with fear.

Medeea Greere #crackpot #wingnut #fundie #conspiracy amg-news.com

In this article, we talk about the connection of the Rockefeller family dynasty to CERN. CERN is preparing for a major announcement, that they have discovered something inside the collisions happening at the large hadron collider (LHC). I have warned extensively about CERN and believe that the Illuminati is celebrating the opening of the fifth dimension, one beyond space and time. CERN also invented the internet, a matrix system that now covers the Earth. The internet has now taken over everything about life.
Everything is “wired.” The last thing that isn’t wired is the human body. Implantable devices are necessary to accomplish the wiring of the human body to the WWW. That is why mandatory chipping will come to pass, because every human must become a literal part of the WWW, which is the 666.
The Rockefellers also send their own scientists to CERN to conduct experiments. These particle physicists are from Rockefeller University and are some of the top scientists in the world in their respective fields. They have been instrumental in discovering new particles at CERN.

Did CERN Create Black Hole Inside Earth? City Swallowed, Millions Sinkholes Opened, Ocean Level Drops. CERN is opening portals into other dimensions, possibly even hell. Everything you are about to see is real.

CERN is attacking this planet by trying to bring in to reality the existence of Demons and possibly even the Devil (Satan) himself? Smashing particles at the speed of light (or near) is in my theory attacking God himself and as we know, without light there would be no life, Earth or the Moon possibly?
The LHC facility on the Franco/Swiss border is changing weather patterns and even possibly attracting meteors with the huge magnetic force it put’s out? CERN has many backers and many objectors but the most important is CERN itself, only “it” can address the worries of everyday people and they choose not too, why?

Medeea Greere #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut amg-news.com

For most of Humanity this Under Earth Network defies the imagination. These facilities have incredible stores of food, water, DNA, seed banks; all fully supplied with autonomous free energy supplies!

This vast Network was created under Project Mk Rand also known as Alternative 2. In the book entitled Alternative 3, author Leslie Watkins stated scientists concerned with the state of the Earth’s atmosphere had secret meetings that produced three alternatives for handling the imminent danger.

Alternative 1:
Blast holes through the stratosphere to release heat & pollution. This was done by simultaneous detonations of atomic weapons in the Earth’s high atmosphere of the ozone belt in areas where few would notice: Over Siberia, the deep Amazon, the Australian Outback & over both Poles. This is the cause of the ozone holes (not human ground vehicular and other human causes, as reported by the Fake News Network).

Alternative 2:
Relocate the best of Earth’s population (compliant slaves and their Illuminati Satanic bloodline masters, in massive underground caverns & DUMBs). Alternative 2 is the DUMB/tunnel network covered in this decode.

Alternative 3:
Build bases & major cities of slave laborers supporting the Illuminati Satanic top families.


The name Rand comes from the Rand Corporation which has the patents on the nuclear-powered laser boring machines that bore at over 60 mph.

There are at least 1,400 DUMBS worldwide, 188 known DUMBS in the U.S., with 2 underground bases being built per year in the U.S.

The average depth of bases are 4.25 miles underground. Each DUMB base-costs between 17 & 26 billion $ to build, which is funded by MI6/CIA drug money & human trafficking money.

Nuclear-powered drills & neutron bombs are the primary methods used to create & dig these DUMBS underground. The drills go through rock at speeds up to 60 mph, literally melting the rock away to form a smooth glass like surface around the edges of the tunnels.

Medeea Greere #crackpot #conspiracy #fundie #magick amg-news.com

CERN now prepares to announce a HUGE discovery very soon. Some scientists have said this discovery will usher in a new golden era of humanity.
Did CERN Create Black Hole Inside Earth? City Swallowed, Millions Sinkholes Opened, Ocean Level Drops. CERN is opening portals into other dimensions, possibly even hell. Everything you are about to see is real.

The 27 kilometer long Large Hadron Collider complex on the Swiss/French border.
CERN is attacking this planet by trying to bring in to reality the existence of Demons and possibly even the Devil (Satan) himself? Smashing particles at the speed of light (or near) is in my theory attacking God himself and as we know, without light there would be no life, Earth or the Moon possibly?
The LHC facility on the Franco/Swiss border is changing weather patterns and even possibly attracting meteors with the huge magnetic force it put’s out?

Medeea Greere #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy amg-news.com

As you recall: on the 21st of December several things happened:

1) President Trump signed an executive order that basically declared a State of Emergency in every area – giving the President Authority to take down these Elites across the planet.
2) General Mattis (Sec of Defense) made a surprise visit to our Leased Naval Base In Cube called Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) for an unannounced Inspection.
3) The 850th Military Battalion from the Arizona National Guard was mobilized with all 800 personnel and sent to GITMO for a 9 monthly deployment to help guard — 40 Prisoners?
4) Over 200 Elite CEO’s in America resigned immediately following the signing of the State of Emergency Act signed by the President.
Before we get started, let us first understand that before Trump was POTUS GITMO (Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp) was a fraction of the size it now is. This can be clearly confirmed by the following visuals, identifying a significant amount of expansion for what is expected to be tens of thousands of new ex-elite prisoners.
Well, those who are not executed via military tribunal at least. Now, if you are not aware of these indictments I am referring to, that makes perfect sense because they are still sealed and not yet public knowledge. Please allow me to enlighten you. These equate to roughly 222,000 sealed indictments and pertain to the most disturbing and corrupt crimes against humanity.
These range from human trafficking, organ trafficking, child sex trafficking, slavery, treason, terrorism, fraud, misuse of AI, genocide, brainwashing, defamation, 5G endangerment, religious discrimination, misrepresentation, censorship, privacy infringement, and prevention of saving humanity from biotech endangerment.

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A compelling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting it being stunningly revealed that senior White House staffers working for Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden are now referring to him as “the nightmare on Elm Street”, says this revelation has been joined by both Biden and socialist leader Kamala Harris watching in horror as their approval ratings plummet across multiple polls just six months after they seized power
Security Council Members in this transcript express grave alarm over Trump supporters being branded as “enemies of the state”, specifically because the MoD document they’re reviewing beyond shockingly reveals that for the first time in American history, the United States Air Force is preparing combat operations for use against its own citizens—combat operations scheduled for 31 July 31 to 14 August 14 in an exercise designated Northern Strike 21-2 under the command of the National All-Domain Warfighting Center (NADWC) and led by the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC)—whose most notable feared action will see combat warplanes using American civilian roads as war zone landing strips
the MoD stating that a scenario of this combat operation being directed against Trump supporters is the least likely to occur, most particularly because they have no identifiable hard targets to strike—then sees the MoD noting that the more than likely scenario of this combat operation is to strike and subdue enemy forces in large urban areas—specifically because this is exactly what the Americans did in Iraq, where in fighting against insurgents in large urban areas, and to minimize civilian casualties, they would use rural roadways as makeshift landing strips for A-10 warplanes—A-10 warplanes that then pounded hardened enemy targets while providing air cover for the C-146A transport aircraft carrying commando forces, who would quickly land to capture and/or kill insurgent combatants and terrorist leaders.

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Inside the <Denver> airport you will find very strange disturbing paintings. A place where you would think the designers would choose calming images as nervous travellers board airplanes.

Instead the sculptures and paintings show the end of the world, people living in basements, refugees above ground, and a man with an eagle and a AK47 killing the dove of peace. Burning bushes and people in coffins.

The art shows the true purpose of Denver International airport. An underground shelter to escape what is depicted in the paintings. The end of the world.
Phil Schneider is an engineer who had been involved for many years working in construction for the Industrial Defense Complex building giant “Deep Underground Bases.” He told me that he had been offered the position of head engineer for the construction of the base that was to go under the new Denver International Airport back in the early 80s.
I will tell you this–it is strange down there under Denver Airport. This airport underground puts out a set of feelings. I can’t tell you if what I am picking up there are things that are going on underground in that area at this time, or if I am picking up what has happened there in the future which we have not arrived at yet.

Schneider said the [plans] for the complex were for hundreds of miles of underground roads, all connecting with high-speed bullet trains that can go at “Mach” speeds. He also went on to tell me that most of these bases are now jointly occupied by humans and either ancient earth races or alien races. According to him, these underground bases are to serve many different purposes, such as medical research labs, prisons, work camps, military accommodations, food storage, etc.

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Have you ever noticed that, sometimes, a certain celebrity seems ever so slightly off? Maybe its an errant beauty mark or the fact that their eyelids have begun to blink sideways. You can feel in your heart that something’s just not right. That’s because your darling idol is dead.
But how do we know this? Why would anyone let this happen? And am I okay? As far as the first two are concerned, a man named Donald Marshall has the answers. The latter is anyone’s guess.
The basics of his story (which do occasionally shift) go something like this: During his time at the cloning station, Marshall discovered that the entire operation is run by a collective consisting of the Freemasons, a group called “The Vril Society,” and of course, Scientologists. This secret society super-group is what we know today as the ever-elusive Illuminati.

Members of the Illuminati (which naturally include all the G20 world leaders) typically meet in subterranean bunkers. The very same bunkers that, according to Marshall, house what has become a highly lucrative network of celebrity cloning farms.
Some of these clones are used for mere entertainment value (gladiator-style wrestling bouts, sexual perversions, Illuminati ritual sacrifices, what have you). Others are kept as precautionary measures should the clone’s original ever need a new liver. If you saw 2005 sci-fi flick The Island, you already know exactly what I’m talking about—because in a fit of hubris, The Island was produced by none other than the Illuminati themselves.