Andrew Anglin #sexist

[From "Poland Cucks Out on Anti-Abortion Law Amidst Western-Backed Riots"]

This is such a stupid decision. If you give these people a single thing, they take more.

The pro-abortion protests should have been put down with live ammo.

The priests would have blessed the bullets.

These people are actual baby-killing satanists and they deserve to die.

The Guardian

Poland’s rightwing government has delayed the publication and implementation of a high court ruling that tightens the abortion law and has triggered almost two weeks of nationwide protests.[…]

I guess I should salute their bravery in pushing for the law in the first place, but this is so cowardly. It is actually worse than having never pushed for the ban, because it hands the baby-killers a win.

They will use this win as a platform to demand more things. They will start demanding the insane “domestic violence” laws, they will demand feminist divorce laws where the man has to pay his wife when she leaves him. Then, as women continue to consolidate power, they will start pushing for extreme homosexuality and mass immigration.

This is what women always do: they seek to destroy everything that men have built.

They love murdering children, foremost. They get a big rush from it. It seems that this ritual satanic baby murder actually gives them power to expand their agenda, which always involves gays and mass immigration.

Women house demons in their bodies.

The solution is that they should be beaten up and raped.



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