Faith Mimbs #fundie

Can you imagine What we would do if Christ had not died an that sweet cross? There had to be blood
shed for god is just that holy. in the old times people made animal sacrifices for sins that were committed, I don't
know about you but can't even chop the head Of a dead chicken let alone a live goat, so thank God he died for
me yet while I was still a sinner, if you have another God besides the almighty tell me why? What miracles do you
believe they perform, and if you died right now can the blood of your god get you heaven? I know many
people Who have different religions Other than Christianity and everyone thinks theirs IS the right one, but the
bible the holy bible has been dissected over and aver again and has been proven to have accurate accounts of
Jesus Christ. this is not to say that prophets have not existed somewhere else because they have, but Jesus is
Jesus and there is no duplication Of him, his birth Was foretold seven hundred years before his birth just think
about that, look around you nonbelievers look at the proof in front of your face or is the trees to tall? My life and
all the things I have been through I know If it were not for God I would have fainted. there were times that I did
not want to follow him I wanted to give up, my lights were off my fridge was empty and I felt like God could zap
some money my way, but was not faithful to him. I lived in this world and all my lusts came first. I wanted that
car, that man that jewelry never knowing that at any minute I could have did and been lost. The blble is clear on
a few things let me tell you what that is Hell, Heaven, Jesus, Hell _ yep hell is a literal burning suffering painful
place that no one wants to go, I hear people say that if they had a loved one in hell they would not mine as long
as they were together, well that's crap' Who wants to continually burn? Who. If my mother went to hell light
now, it's her fault she has had ample opportunity to change, so if she do not it's because she chose not_ But one
thing is tor sure am not going to ask God to let me burn with her. no way I want the peace that god otters I
want to live in the golden mansion, I want to see the jewel paved Streets, want to see Christ, and all who does
not is lost. Now know we have some Satan worshippers and that's fine but when you get to hell the devil is not
your friend, he will not thank you for serving him, in fact he Will laugh at What you have done, you Will be With
him for the rest of your life being tortured imagine that This life that you live are only for a while so what you do
with it is up to you, but if you choose wrong you will regret it, And for those who believe God is a phony or he is
not real you Will regret it or for your sakes let's hope I am wrong



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