Stew Peters and Jon Minadeo II #racist #conspiracy #homophobia

Jon Minadeo[…]is the founder and leader of the Goyim Defense League[…]
Stew Peters spoke with Minadeo[…]
“What say you about being referred to as a Neo-Nazi because you’re bringing awareness to this dangerous and very important, critical topic?” he asked. Minadeo[…]answered[…]
“Well[…]when you look into history[…]and we only hear one side when we’re growin’ up —[…]that the Jews are victims[…]Why had they been persecuted, right?” he said. Minadeo plugged Europa: The Last Battle

“So when you learn about Europa[…]and you learn about the Holodomor, and you learn about the U.S.S.R. government being 70% Jewish[…]and they starved a bunch of Russians and Ukrainians, you start goin’ ‘Who is behind this?’ Well, it was the Jews that are behind this, and then they use the Holohoax to cover up these war crimes”[…]
“So when people start learning the truth and hearing about Hitler not killing six million Jews, and Hitler rebuilding Germany, there’s a lot of questions to be asked,” he continued. “So if they’re lying about this so-called genocide and covering up another genocide that they did on someone else, then it’s time that we look into Hitler and go ‘Hey, this guy, is he as bad as the Jews are saying he is?”[…]
Minadeo claimed that a group of Jews is “financing” the “demise” of white people through “miscegenation.” He added that “We used to have laws against miscegenation, against homosexuality. The Jews have obviously got into the Christian churches and demoralized it. But we are being replaced through miscegenation, through mass migration”[…]
He went on to say that “when you learn about The Racial Plan for the Twentieth Century, it’s about propping Blacks up to the highest levels in sports and entertainment so they can intermarry with whites. And that is the goal of the communists”[…]
He then pivoted to discussing the Nationality Act of 1790, which limited citizenship to “free white persons”

“And that goes into what our immigration policy should’ve been, right?”



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