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Hundreds of pro-life people showed up at the Indiana state capitol today to support banning abortions.

@LifeNews There's only two camps. Either you're pro-life or pro-death. Just have to label them properly. There is no "pro-choice".

@LifeNews abortion is murder

@LifeNews UNITED IN PRAYER...and according to God's the babies

@LifeNews The Rules committee placed some amendments in that closed some of the loopholes. It did not eliminate abortion, but we are getting closer in Indiana. Now, they need to prosecute the abortionists and not let them get away with it.

@LifeNews Ban democrats and you save lives period!

Imprison baby killers and accomplices!

@LifeNews why doesn't the left understand... children are humanity's future....

@LifeNews Wonderful, thank you Lord. The Holy Spirit is moving people to do the Holy Will of God, to protect the unborn babies. Amen

@LifeNews Beautiful. God bless the preborn babies.

@LifeNews The pagan pro abortionists are screaming vulgarities viewing this scene, let them. Their numbers are dwindling as a rise in Christianity and renewal of American family values grows.

@LifeNews Fantastic scene! If only the corrupt pagan Governors of the few blue states would get out of the way and let the people speak out for the innocent unborn maybe God would again bless this nation that rebelled like Sodom & Gomorrah.


spoilerChristian Nationalism is the only
ideology that can drive a stake
through Marxist Globalism once and
for all.
Otherwise, the Left will eventually
stack the Supreme Court and
misinterpret the Constitution out
of existence.

@LifeNews. The contrast between pro life and pro death abortion just shows the world which is God inspired and what is demonic in its nature.
I will take the sane every time.



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