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We are being prepared daily through this Quantum transition until our Consciousness and physical vessel is fully prepared for the full Quantum Leap into full embodiment of Hom-Luminous. Light beings of Eternal Life. This is a process of moment by moment transformations. With each download and upgrade flowing into our DNA that holds the Resonance Structure of our Avatars into 3dimensional form we inch closer and closer to what is being called the Event or Rapture or even Rainbow Body (but for the collective consciousness of hue-manity). Goes by many names but all concepts pointing to the same Event; for Glory’s sake we call the Quantum Leap of Consciousness.

Each day as Solaris Rises and Gaia Rises we Arise with Mother/Father Creator. As we Ascend to new heights and new frequency we are transformed and transcended beyond what was, into the New. All is being re-created in the Image of Pure Consciousness we call God, Great Spirit, Allah also goes by many names. It is the Unknowable Mind of Source Energy. The I Am Presence is Stillness in motion. We had to create a simulated resonance of movement for any thing and all things to exist in Time.

Woman is embodiment of Love, Man of Truth. Through the Great Convergence we have the Love of Truth and the Truth of Love. Yin within Yang and Yang within Yin.
It is through the duality that all forms of expression from Infinite Source are created. We are at the precipice of the Evolution of Consciousness to know we have suffered enough and it is time for us to end the suffering game and together we co-create Heaven on Earth.
Keep anchoring in the Light and shining bright into the night. Live your Joy, your PAssion your Bliss. It is with our great Passion of our Christ Consciousness that we Ascend to the fifth dimension fully awake and fully aware….A’Ho!



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