various commenters #transphobia

( Redmage )
Took my kid to a toy store, not a fetish store
But yet, tim behind us in line and my TODDLER is staring and confused.

I'm just stressed out and needed to complain.

( itsnotaboutewe )
I complained about TiMs being everywhere to a friend and she said it's only natural that trans people are waiting in line at the ATM, browsing the aisles at the chemist, in the women's toilets at the playground, etc, because trans people are normal people and do normal, everyday things. I replied that they are AGP men who have decided to take their fetish public. Every time they are standing behind you at the chemist in their stockings and short skirt they are using everyone around them for sexual gratification. I said it should never be normal for a man to use strangers, including children, as his personal sex toys in public. I also told her that every time she smiles at one of these men or calls him ma'am, she is tickling his balls.

( Redmage )
If I walked into a sex toy store, I would be perfectly ok with Tims being there. They're wearing fetish wear in a fetish store.

( pegasusknight )
I saw a TIM skipping around in a dress that barely covered his junk in the middle of the day. Like, a dude in his 40’s+ basically dancing around and obviously trying to call attention to himself. 🤦‍♀️

It’s really frustrating, especially in cases like this where it’s really obvious and we can all see what they’re doing, but if you tried to complain about this on social media everyone would say, “um, she’s just living her best life, sweaty 💅!”

I don’t really know what the solution is, but yes, it blows.

( Begbie )
I'm in Glasgow for a break and I watched a TIM in a short black dress get yelled at across the street by some drunks last night. "Transgender shite" was one of the things IIRC. I was with my trans teen at the time (she just looks like a girl with short hair).

It was an interesting experience. On the walk home I referred to him as a man in a dress. Interesting that Glaswegians are just ready to call them out in it, something that never happens in Nor Cal. I wonder if my kid will file this away as evidence of the trans genocide? Terf Island truly delivered on this one.



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