Various Incels #sexist #racist

RE: [Blackpill] chinkwhores give sex to white chad stranger but not to aisan boyfreind

Broke up with her asian bf, went to italy, let a green eyed older chad fuck her in her asshole, immedialty went back to her beta bux bf once she got home, he accepted her after she told hiim she cheated like the cuck he is, asked her to do the same to him, she says its dissrespectful that he asks. God I FUCKING HATE WOMENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! relationship advice is one of the most depressing subs to read. You get a sense of just exactly how much women cheat and how they justify it. worst part? The users fucking agree with the whores!

Tall, Muscular, Green Eyes, Objectively Very Good Looking :feelskek: The memes are real and they write themselves. Chad Alpha fucks(anally) Rice beta buxx.

Literally cucked by an Italian med chad Bet you he unironically looked like this

Kek and they say Blackpill isn't real and looks don't matter. Redpillers will say that the Ricecuck should hold his "frame" more and it's just a shit test bro.

I read this one; and that was when I was bluepilled. I felt very somber; it was then I knew the world was not how it was supposed to be. And yet this was the lightest of steps taken on my journey to co.

Welcome buddy boyo

Felt something shatter when I read her story, like I was empathetic to the boyfriend. I didn't want let the efforts of one go in vain. I needed to release the pain somehow.



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