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calling one historic tribe Germanic and the other not, is based on what ? Material culture or modern Germany's wishful thinking and nation building myths with supporting historiography.

DNA studies of historic samples blowing these myths apart.

For example suevi or svevi were not what those German pseudo historians would want you believe And people before them knew it very well that.

R1a presence predates R1b on territories from Rhine to Vistula collectively called Germania. Before Catholic crusade to conquer and convert fellow Christians and ostsiedlung.
But we are till present day trapped in this late XIX-th century nationalistic chauvinism designed to grant Germans a historic reign over their imagined lebensraum, by denying peoples (that turned out via genetic testing of today to be by en large the autochtons on the land contrary to German theory making Slavs appearing out of blue from somewhere else, presumably swamp) their history, and right to their homeland.



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