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Autism is in fact the allowing of a "Deaf and Dumb" spirit to reside within us because of neglect on our parts of God's instruction, or our ancestors neglect in the care of their temples.
For more on this read about the success King Asa had with his diseased feet and his physicians.
There are also other demons that work in tandem with "Deaf and Dumb" to make Autism a much more complex situation like the demon "Torment" ,and what torment does is raise the stakes by causing loss of ability to concentrate, or focus as well as many other things. Deaf and Dumb brings loss in the areas of speech, hearing and learning capabilities. It could also bring hieghtened sensitivity to those suffering from it,but we believe there is also a demonic issue tied to that as well. We are not aware of any demon particularly that causes hieghtened sensitivity it may just be torment that causes it as well.
Now my nephew's two year old son was delivered from Autism after a three day water fast and revelation I believe came from God about which spirits were involved. We asked his mother and father to renounce ever offering their young son to the world for any invasive procedure which was a tradition of man, and we asked them to renounce ever offering themselves to the world for any invasive procedure.
We had them go through all the renunciations I had available, and then we anointed the young boy in the living room while his mother and father held him we stood in a circle and prayed against torment and deaf and dumb and asked God to break those spirits off of him now in the name of Jesus Christ ,and I insisted that God's wrath would come upon any who seek to stay after they had been fully judged for what they had done throughout the centuries, and the spirits did leave. The next day my nephew called me to say his son had improved greatly responding to things he had never responded to before in his life including acknowledging his parents with eye contact and focus. He is now healing from what these spirits have taken away from his first three years of life.



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