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RE: I was a far-right TIF

Thanks for posting this. It’s most interesting and I couldn’t agree more that this allegedly leftist movement is completely right wing- not conservative, but reactionary.

But the important thing was that my brain is male. The body will just catch up somehow.

You summed up how ridiculous the idea is. One organ out of all of them somehow belongs to the other sex?

The fact that my brutally, uncompromisingly far-right, misogynistic worldview was completely consistent with gender ideology and transgenderism seems to show that far from being a "revolutionary" or "feminist" breakaway from gender norms, the transgender movement seems to be little more than a repackaging of old, patriarchal thinking. I don't believe the argument that trans people are helping us move away from regressive gender norms. I'm convinced that transgenderism does nothing but affirm them.

They want everyone forced into far more rigid sex stereotypes than already exist, so they (the AGPs) can get their boners by forcing their fetishes on everyone else.

Wow, that was a bit like looking into a mirror of my past (I'm also 5'4", the heck). It's amazing to notice the patterns of how trans ideology rhetoric is consistently parroted through pretty much everyone that believes in it. They never veer far from the script. I'm pretty sure if anyone bothered to ask me at the time if I was just being sexist and lumping men and women into two rigid categories and living my life through that lens that I would've said no - but it was absolute obsession that overtook all my thoughts. Men are this, women are that, therefore I'm a man. Can only lay in a web of lies for so long until it starts falling apart from how fragile it is.



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