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(Part 1/5 of "How Women Manipulate Men and the Female Ego". Emphasis original.)

When we look at the average relationship and marriage of men and women, it becomes apparent that some may look harmonious on the outside but many and most of them are really not a success and what one would call a celebration of joy and support. Most relationships experience constant struggle and are experienced more as a burden than an interdependent sharing of intimacy.
The main reason of course is the individual partners level of consciousness, where his or her own negativity and judgments decrease the connection, acquaintance and love with the partner. Connected with this however is the negative aspect of the male-female polarity itself. What draws a woman to a man is sought after by a woman, but causes suffering to a man and vice versa. Usually the intention (which is often a need) why someone is in a particular relationship defines the relationship and is simultaneously the trap.
This article aims to illuminate this polarity in light of the female ego, to make men more aware of manipulation processes, so that they are able to increase their integrity by being taken less advantage of. It shall be a contribution to help understand women’s behavior which is often puzzling to men and lay it out in a more linear way. But it might also serve women to identify negative patterns in order to be able to progressively let go of them. Furthermore examples will be given for many tactics. In men the reason for manipulating is a bit different, and women are taken as the example because they are very good at it and much better at hiding their ego and the intention behind resulting behaviors.



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