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[Blackpill] Remember that every female your age has received miles of shlong

This is something very brutal to remind yourself of. While you haven't even received a single hug or a single fucking kiss, the opposite sex has already done every act in the book. Also, remember that getting your first kiss gives you an unimaginable amount of dopamine which literally cannot be attained with coping. So you will literally never even experience the dopamine rush of sex and kissing, let alone actually doing these acts. Even if you somehow magically turned into an attractive male and could slay, the harm has already be done. While people around you are growing up and are becoming adults, many and have their own children even, you will literally always remain a child because of your bone structure.

Yet people expect us to act as if nothing is happening, as if this brutality isn't the reality of our existence. It is beyond over. Cope or rope.



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