Lady Checkmate #fundie

He's [Rep Brian Sims] an alt-left bully. And, his preferred victims are the elderly, women and children. It's not surprising that he played the political game long enough to get a position of power and once he got comfortable, he started abusing his authority. Dollars to donuts, he's been doing this, but with the increase in and support of alt-left harassment, stalking, abuse and persecution decided the climate is ripe for him to show his true colors of hate, misogynism and Christophobia.

Never vote or put a reprobate into a position of power...he or she will abuse their power as soon as they can. And they will focus their hatred and abuse on Christians and those they perceive as soft targets.

We must vote for people who share our beliefs. The immoral (God haters) can never be trusted with authority.




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