John #fundie

You are a PUA? I thought you detested the PUAs. I’m an Incel and an Aspie. What do you think of this combination? Have you ever met any incel/aspie combination type people? I’m not extremely socially awkward and not the least bit nerdy but I’m not great with body language and talking to people and so I’ve become an incel. I also get annoyed and irritated when people make inaccurate/ignorant statements about many topics. I don’t have noticeably poor social skills in general and I don’t make visible fuck ups but I tend to avoid eye contact and feel nervous about social contact and avoid all social gatherings.

I really have no opinion of PUAs and don’t detest them because the women they are picking up are mostly sluts anyways, the good girls don’t usually fall for the PUAs. Maybe some do, but that’s inevitable anyways. About living in an oppressive communist regime with less choice, yes I agree. I’ve never considered dating an American girl because I know that 1. An American woman would not want me, as I am not exciting enough to be around and I have no money, and I do not use any social media whatsoever which is seen as weird by American women. I don’t drink alcohol casually or play sports and I don’t like going to parties or clubs but I’m not going to sit in the basement and play Dungeons and Dragons either. I prefer to spend my time reading educational material.
2. I would not like an American/westernized woman. I’m not a male rights advocate but I do believe women should at least be in the kitchen and make some food for their man. I’m not saying they should stay in the kitchen all day, just 3 times a day at minimum for breakfast lunch and dinner. Also they should keep the house clean. For this I prefer Asian women from impoverished countries.
3. She must be a virgin and cannot have had previous boyfriends. No exceptions on this, and I’m not a virgin myself.
4. I’m not a narcissist and I don’t think I deserve a stunning blonde girl straight from the Playboy magazines. I prefer an East Asian/Southeast Asian girl with non-primitive features and a slim figure, although not too slim.

Does this seem over the top?



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