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Why does pro choice go right out the window when it revolves around men or children?

Accidental pregnancy and father has no choice, yet it's still responsibility of a choice the mother made?

I'm talking about forced child support when the father doesn't want to have a child or care for it.

Or about having no say in mutilation in baby boys?

Every “pro-choice” person I’ve brought this up to has said something like “well he shouldn’t have had sex then!” They truly don’t even comprehend that men should have a choice

Pro choice is a one sided deal. In my years I have been on both sides of this. In the first instance of an "accidental pregnancy", I was forced to pay child support for a baby I never wanted. It was on purpose and the woman wanted it. A few years later, a woman "accidentally became pregnant" and chose to abort against my decision to want to keep the baby and even offering to raise the child on my own.

I support the fact that it is a woman's body and it is her choice but that being said, if she can choose to abort against the man's wishes. That is her choice. If she chooses to keep the baby against a man's wishes, it should be her responsibility and solely her responsibility.

It's not really part of their body. A fetus inherits DNA from both its mother and its father. In every sense, it's a distinct object inside of the body, but not part of it.

Does the fetus not have the right to live if it wanted to? Though it's absurdly clear that it can't make that decision, who gets to? BOTH parents? And when the parent's wish is to terminate, does the state have the right to step in?

All arguments devolve into whether or not fetuses have the rights of children.



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