various commenters #transphobia #enbyphobia

( @AthenasWrench )
A couple of trans writers has quit The Guardian over their twansphobia. The Guardian is one of the most pro trans papers in existence. Petah says he is giving up his subscription unless things change.
Nothing short of total laydee dique worship is sufficient. Petah thinks he’s a woman.Nice Ukraine flag Petah

( @Poppiness )
PETER needs to do research on the flags he holds allegiance to …. the Ukrainian flag 🇺🇦 he’s supporting banned Gay marriage .. Transvestite’s & AGPs don’t even get off the starting blocks ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Also most LBG don’t want any affiliation with Transvestite’s .

* Transvestite’s & AGPs are a Parasitic Cult .

( @AndreaCook )
Nonbinary is male entitlement on steroids.

( @BonnerMalone )
Fucking freaks.



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