Hate, fear, prejudice against the other 1.84467440737e+19 genders

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“What is a woman” is a documentary directed by far-right activist Matt Walsh, where he goes around interviewing various people asking them their definition of what a woman is.

When interviewing members of the African Maasai tribe, Walsh is told that in their culture, men and women have separate roles, men can’t become women, and trans people don’t exist. The tribe laughs when Walsh asks, “What if a woman has a penis?” Walsh adds, “In my country, I can’t go a day without hearing that”. The Maasai tribe’s answer to what a woman is, is that a woman delivers babies; a man cannot. Walsh concludes from this encounter, “It’s clear that gender ideology is a uniquely Western phenomenon”. He’s not entirely wrong, but not for the reasons he thinks. “Gender ideology” is a buzzword originated by anti-LGBTQ activists in Europe. It is neither an academic term nor an actual political movement. However, it is presented as a movement led by LGBTQ and feminist activists intent on upending the “traditional family” and “natural order” of society. The fear-mongering of “gender ideology” is grounded in two beliefs: first, that LGBTQ people somehow threaten Christian values and the traditional family, and, second, that men and women should follow antiquated gender roles, lest they corrupt society.

Interestingly, Walsh interviewed members of just one out of 3,000 tribes in Africa and no one else from any other culture outside of the U.S. This comes across as some spectacular cherry-picking that is unrepresentative of the diversity of beliefs and practices involving gender in the world. It is also unclear to us whether Walsh is aware that the Maasai tribe also has a tradition of female genital cutting. Though the practice is, thankfully, becoming increasingly uncommon, the ritual persists in some communities and is used to prepare girls as young as ten years old for marriage. This seems incongruous with Walsh’s mission: as he states in a clip from his appearance on The Dr. Phil Show, “I care about the truth, so basic truth matters, I want to live in a society where people care about the truth, I care about children”. It’s hard not to wonder if Walsh actually approves of a society in which gender roles are so rigidly constrained that girls are required to undergo genital cutting to enforce them.

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Some armchair psychology about the "nonbinary" club shooter and why I had a feeling

Not to pretend I'm psychic and amazeballz, but when I saw this club shooting I had a feeling it wasn't some Proud Boy or Christian Conservative. For a few reasons. Let alone us. As awful as those guys are, as-of-yet other groups have, in recent years, committed a lot of homophobic violence. The Orlando nightclub shooter was an Afghan whose family was sympathetic to the Taliban. He grew up hearing violent rhetoric from his family and the people his family associated with. From the time he was little. Every day. It wasn't just bigotry. It's was the Taliban's fetishization of violence. Their collective addiction to it.

What would nonbinary/trans have in common with a Taliban extremist?


From what I can see, violent rhetoric is a big part of trans and non-binary culture. They now outnumber the "truscum" like Blaire White or Buck Angel. They watch tons of porn, violent media, and preferably violent porn. They are often fascinated with Antifas where they practice confrontation and violence. They take selfies with knives, guns, and bats. They write up grotesque fantasies of what violence they'd like to commit against others. (Especially against women). They share these fantasies and get praised. They give each other tips on what to do and how to do it.

As a result, most people don't like them. But we can't have THAT, now, can we? They believe they are entitled to a warm welcome wherever they go, because they are the Righteous Ones. They don't accept that rejection is part of life, and in many instances, reasonable. They believe they should be off-limits from accountability from outsiders. They only self-flagellate for each other. So even if they are told "you can't come here because of your scary behavior" they immediately believe they are being wronged. They are the righteous, beautiful group, others are the sinful, ugly group, so others need to obey.


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(Nuns with guns)

most people who who identify as Non-Binary etc are mostly women who want to be seen as unique like the college women from 20 years ago who identified as bisexual because it was the cool thing.

There's still many women today that say they're bisexual because it's socially acceptable for women to compliment on other women's looks, despite the fact that they would never fuck a woman. But yes, non binary is the new “not like other girls” trend and it's super annoying. They're so low-effort,too.

(1440p Curved Monitor)
You're assuming that the troon that he's looking at is black. Its known that people think that those of a different race look alike, so I wouldn't be surprised if that extends to that the men and women of a different race can look similar especially since we know that Asians can clock other Asian troons while most Westerners have trouble telling the difference.

It is ingrained in black women's culture to put a lot of effort into appearance. I have personally never seen it to this amount with white women (exception is rich white women).

The black women that black men want are incredibly fabricated. Black men also typically don't want a black woman who's more natural (they want the baddies), therefore this behavior is encouraged in black communities. It's a running joke between a few friends and I that we can only catch white boys with our natural hair/looks because we know that black men are not attracted to it or want a girl that they can brag about to their peers. This means that the average tranny can fool a black man if he puts effort into looking like a baddie. There are more HSTS in the black community than AGPs anyways, so we already know that they will put effort into passing.

(Nuns with guns)
Negresses are known to look manlier than other races. You've seen the theories about Serena Williams and Michelle Obama being biological males. It also doesn't help that even your average black woman will go bald, has a flat nose, square shoulders, and huge hands.

Despite all of that, I've never seen any nigger tranny that actually fools me. If anything, they look like NBA players, which is too manly even for their women.

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( @SomeBitchIKnow )
It's mental illness innit?

( @Quietactgreat )
@SomeBitchIKnow Some of the post on twitter are saying things like "oh he's just calling himself nonbinary to troll the REAL nonbinary LGBTQ folks" and it's like...

...yeah, that's the point, that's why "nonbinary" and all other transgender "identities" are a literal joke; they're based on nothing but an unprovable opinion of yourself, "real nonbinary" is a loaded term because there's no such actual thing as "real nonbinary" in the first place

( @Poz2020 )
@SomeBitchIKnow Chicago has a Black on Black crime issue, now Colorado has a Homo on Homo crime issue...

( @NotGary )
@SomeBitchIKnow he was probably getting revenge because they convinced him to chop his dick off...

( @Roadking357 )
@SomeBitchIKnow If that's the case, this story will go away VERY quickly.

( @Nokommies )
@SomeBitchIKnow This is the last we'll hear of this story from the MSM.

( @HandleWithCare777 )
@SomeBitchIKnow what the hell does that mean??? Sounds like more brainwashing BULLSHIT!!! Non-binary,,,really??? WTF is that???

( @experienced )
@SomeBitchIKnow We have had so many false flag events, that every time I read of some mass shooting, I wonder, did this really happen or is it just another false flag propaganda to get us all distracted end bent out of shape.

From what I have read, I do believe that the "Sandy Hook" shooting was staged.

And from what I remember, we hardly had any mass shootings during the Trump presidency 2017-2020.

( @Clutch0813 )
@experienced @SomeBitchIKnow Just another red flag false flag to get the gun haters up in arms again! The distraction is to try and take away our guns, because that is the one thing they fear and know they cant fully take over if we still have our guns!

( @KingGeorgeIII )
@SomeBitchIKnow Oops. Jen White/NPR had a LBGTQ expert on just yesterday discussing the rise in hare crime against them using Club Q as the backdrop and proof of same. They must feel pretty stupid about now. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Good day, children. Today our Grade 2 class celebrates another Transplendent day of anti-white Transness here in our magical kingdom of Translandia-Canadodoland. Remember that Grand-Wizard Lord Soros’ Trans Inc. liberated you from your own Caucasianness and Transformed you into mock-POC honoured allies after the State liberated you from your racist whyt-peepo parents who were charged with procreating whiteness and jailed in the penal colonies of all-white Antarctica to pay for their ancestors’ crimes of spreading Intergalactic Whiteness.

As your non-binary fa’afafine-adjacent genderflorin teacher-friend, I will be using some French words today to honour the anniversary of The Islamic Republic of France that liberated the mother-country whose racist forebears colonized our own country’s two-spirited peoples in the former French imperialist province of Le Pays de Cochons Blanc. So, mes enfants, let us celebrate today’s hagiographic calendar of Trans Saints with two very special hetero-Trans male martyrs.

Today we worship two Autogynophile Trans saints who triumphed over whiteness so that all maleborn be-penised white-beings can proudly flaunt “female” erections in our miniskirts thus liberating us from heteropatriarchal imperialism. Let us kneel and assume the position, ma petit choses. O Trans Saint Stu Rasmussen of Oregon. O Trans Saint Stef-On-Knee of Torontula. O ye Trans martyrs. Thou hast reverse-colonized heteronormative males who renounced their whiteness by donning female clothing and erotically self-sexualizing their Transness by wearing womanhood as a bonerizing skin suit. Blessed Be the Autogynophile jug-wow of your synthetic EEE fake breastial mam-hams. Blessed Be the instruments of your Autogynophile martyrdom, the miniskirt and the blonde she-wig. Deus Sex Trangendera! O Trans! Blessed Be!

Ronaldo Fryman Award

for Wildest Gender Theory

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Is the Gender Identity Movement Preparing Us for Aliens?

I keep thinking about the wealth of influence the Gender Identity crowd has had lately.

Over 53 varied gender explanations, a wealth of Neo-Pronouns (and more coming every day) and all I can think about is if this is some sort of soul migration of beings who are, at least currently, in human form (Starseed Theory) preparing us for eventual alien disclosure and the Non-Binary is just how they self identify as their previous incarnations had no sex characteristics, as they were mainly cerebral in nature.

Is this a possibility and one reason the Powers That Be are so intent on changing the traditional terminologies to suit the coming of this new breed?

I mean, it sure seems like a lot of effort to appease such a vocal minority, but if this is in preparation for an Alien Contact Scenario, what are we supposed to do with an entire race of beings who don't seem to contribute anything to society other than trying to mandate forced compliance measures to suit their particular ideologies and self-affirmations in a Gender Nondescript capacity?

Do these Newcomers offer anything of value to the Human Sphere aside from Gender Constructs?

What do you think?

Am I going too far in trying to understand the sudden onslaught and reaction to this phenomenon or do I just have aliens on the brain?

Looking forward to hearing your opinions on this one.

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The trend toward trans-humanism has really come to the forefront of the Luciferian global agenda in the past few years. If Luciferians have their way, they will have you believing wholeheartedly that the next necessary step for humanity is the transcendence to a brand new species: The Übermensche, the Overman, the Homo Superior.

The root of the transhumanism movement is found in Luciferians and Satanists who disguised themselves as atheists such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, Julian Bruxley, Aleistair Crowely to name a few. All of these men share membership in high degree Freemasonry which does not bring any surprise considering the long-standing agenda that Freemasons have held for centuries. For Freemasons, the ultimate goal, by any means necessary, is to facilitate the removal of God completely from humanity while Satan slithers into His place.
What’s important to know…

In order to grasp these deeply Satanic messages in this type of programming, one must consider a few ideas:

There is a counterfeit messiah on the rise that scripture tells us is the Antichrist.

He will attempt to mimic and surpass God, mimic Christ as the savior of mankind, the “better” idea for mankind.

He will offer to heal the sick, give sight to the blind, and heal the planet.

He will offer eternal life without Christ.

He will mock God’s creation in every way possible (erasing gender roles and gender identity, muting male and female in combination with machine into one symbolized by the Baphomet.

Agendas that include removing natural human procreation and the natural family from society (abortion, homosexuality, the “family” is facing extinction)

Humans become their own god with godlike abilities. No death, no hell, self-will to godlike status.

To normalize this idea in film and programming so that the younger generation desensitizes to the idea.

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The first few weeks of school are hectic but also exciting. New backpacks, new outfits, new friends, new pronouns....

Wait, no. Hopefully not. Hopefully your child’s teacher won’t demand affirmation of “woke” ideology from your son or daughter and will show respect for settled science and biology.
your child’s classroom transforms into a propaganda session, your daughter or son needs to be ready, equipped for this line-in-the-sand moment.

Because that’s what it is. If you have your kids in the public schools (or even certain private schools), now is the time to train and equip them to be ready to take a stand for sanity and for God’s binary design of male and female which still (unsurprisingly) works just fine.
"For grade schoolers:

“I was born a boy (or girl) and I’m happy to announce that I will remain that way.”

“My parents filled out a form when I started school. Please use that information.”

“I am a girl (boy) and that’s something that will never change.”

“My mom and dad (or mom, or dad, etc.) said they don't want me discussing this and if you have any questions to please call them.”

"I just want to learn school lessons, not this pronoun stuff." 

“My dad (mom) says there are only boys and girls and that’s how God made us.”

For middle and high school:

"I believe there are only two genders, and only two sets of pronouns for people.”

“I'd really like to enjoy my childhood/youth/last year of high school (etc.) and not delve into such matters.”

"Is this a legal requirement?"
"Is this in the school handbook?""
And others suggested an obvious solution—get your children out of public schools:

“My suggestion is to parents: pull your children out of any classroom or school that would ask them their preferred pronoun. Your children, even teens, are too malleable, too vulnerable to be placed in these Marxist indoctrination centers. Children are too young to take on these ideologically-driven adults in their schools. Get them out!”

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If you are an individual who asks that people refer to you as “they” because you’re too damn special to be a normal person who appreciates what previous generations have endured in their struggle for human and especially women’s rights, just don’t bother talking to me, wanker.

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1. Covid was used to control countless millions around the world and it was easy for the medical tyrants to pull it off. […]

2. The Democrats told us that Trump, with the help of Putin, rigged and stole the 2016 presidential election away from Hillary. […]

3. The Transexual fad is perhaps the most egregious delusion. […]

4. The Climate Change cultists are ruining our economy by pushing green energy, which simply cannot compete with oil, natural gas, and coal. […]

5. Kamala Harris and Biden’s press secretary cannot make the border secure simply by telling us that it is secure! […]

6. The Democrats are so deluded that they think spending more money can lessen inflation! […]

7. The Democrats have relentlessly demonized President Trump. […]

8. The mainstream media, also known as the legacy media, also known as presstitutes, are an insult to real journalism. […]

9. It’s a delusion to think we are being run by patriots looking out for the best interests of Americans. The Democrats despise MAGA. […]

10. It’s delusional to think we can again send humans to the moon when we never sent them there the first time…but that’s a subject for a future cartoon.

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God specifically created two distinct genders to serve two distinct roles in His creation (Genesis 1:27). God made Adam in a special act of creation (Genesis 2:7). Then He created a woman, Eve, from Adam’s rib to be a helper for him (Genesis 2:20–22). Adam and Eve had distinctly different physical attributes. They were clearly different because God designed them to be different, and He liked them that way (Genesis 1:31). The man and woman were designed to reproduce so that the earth would be filled with beings who bore the image of God (Genesis 1:28). Only a male and a female coming together can create a new human being, and it takes those physical gender differences to make that happen.

When God gave the Law to Israel, He put prohibitions against the blurring of gender. Deuteronomy 22:5 says, “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.” This does not refer to a woman slipping into a pair of work pants to muck the stalls or a man putting on an apron to grill steaks. This verse is referencing a trend on the increase today: the intentional masking of male or female characteristics in an attempt to defy one’s God-given gender.


Pop culture is going gender-insane, throwing common sense and reality out the window in its attempt to be “edgy” and “progressive.” Androgyny is now celebrated, and gender-reality is looked upon with disdain, but celebrating something doesn’t make it right, and despising something doesn’t make it wrong. Slavery was once celebrated; that didn’t make it right. Child labor is acceptable in many parts of the world; that doesn’t make it right. Prostitution and child trafficking are rampant in many countries; that doesn’t make them right. And, even though gender-confusion, transgenderism, and androgyny are riding a wave of popularity today, that doesn’t make them right.

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r/MensWrongs: Terves don’t hate trans people they hate MEN 🙀

( [Deleted] )
Can’t speak for anyone else but I’ve met just as many insufferable female “nonbinary” people as I’ve met TIMs so I can’t say this applies to me personally. I see more predatory TIMs in online spaces but irl I’ve consistently been bullied, harassed, objectified, and condescended way more by genderspecial TIFs who seemingly feel intimidated by me being way more gnc than them and still being self aware that I’m a woman. And this has been an occurrence since way before I even entertained gender critical ideas.

They’re not men but a lot of them they LARP hard enough that they might as well be. And I know some people here are more mature than me and will say they hate the ideology and not the person but nah, that’s not me. I hate every creepy predatory TIM and every condescending misogynistic TIF/NB I’ve ever met. I don’t care about their chromosomes or what they have in their pants, if they’re part of the trans movement and treat women like shit they can just go fuck themseves regardless of whether they’re women or not

I know the original is probably accurate for most radfems so sorry for the unhinged rant. I haven’t been on Ovarit in a while and I needed to have a good seethe

( hmimperialtortie )
You speak for me! I despise the TIFs and enbies, they’re all misogynists. I loathe the TIMs.

( mathlover )
The women trying to pretend they are "men" can be obnoxious with lots of internalized mysogyny. But they are mostly just pathetic in trying to escape all the mysogyny heaped on women and we can feel sorry for them.

In sharp contrast, the men trying to pretend they are "women" are all sexual predators to some degree or other. They are viciously mysogynist. There is no way to not hate what they have done, and continue to do, to women and any womens' community they infest. And they do it all and get away with it because they are men.

So, yeah. The truly negative things we feel toward "trans" people we feel towards men.

( hontrapoints )
Why can't I hate both TIPs and men? It's the best of both worlds~

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[Context: the following is an excerpt from the description of a video by Professor Dave Explains, where he tries to debunk Matt Walsh’s nonsense]

Since the moment I published this video, it has been targeted by the most disgusting and malicious mob of trolls I have ever seen, far beyond what I ever conceived possible. These are trolls who comment from dozens of sock accounts at once, calling me "groomer", "pedophile", "soy boy", telling me that they bet I watch my wife fuck other guys and then clean up afterwards, the most subhuman things imaginable. They then harvest any reaction they get to call me "triggered", pasting these responses in new comments without context to slander me, and then follow up with abject lies about things I've said or other people have said. The rest of the trolls employ a strategy of outright denying everything in the video and claiming victory, or spamming nonsensical rebuttals in an attempt to change the narrative. There is something heinous behind this concerted attack on reason, simply for exposing Matt Walsh for precisely what he is. It has become an enormous stress, and for this reason comments will be turned off on this video until this otherworldly wave of toxicity has found another target. My outlook on the state of this country has been permanently affected.

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Two Iranian LGBT+ activists who vocally challenged gender norms are facing possible execution, alarming advocacy organisations across the world and prompting outcry from their supporters

Zahra Sedighi-Hamadani, 31, and Elham Choobdar, 24, are widely known as advocates of LGBT+ rights who were living in northwestern Iran

On Sunday, a notorious hardline revolutionary court in the northwestern city of Urmia reportedly sentenced the two to death on religiously motivated charges of “corruption on Earth”, for “spreading” homosexuality, propagating Christianity, and making contact with hostile foreign media

A news agency associated with Iran’s judiciary confirmed that the two had been placed on death row, but said they had been charged with “deceiving women and young girls and trafficking them to one of the countries of the region”

No evidence has been publicly released[…]
While little is known about Choobdar’s case, Sedighi-Hamadani has for months been the focus of efforts by activists and advocacy groups, including Amnesty International, which has described her as an “Iranian gender-nonconforming human rights defender”

The activist, a mother of two who is also known as Sareh, was reportedly arrested last October by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard while allegedly trying to cross into Turkey[…]
Legal experts are baffled at how a border-crossing charge that normally carries a fine of less than $200 (£174) somehow expanded into a death penalty case[…]
Citing no evidence, pro-regime social media channels have accused Sedighi-Hamadani of trafficking hundreds of Iranian women and girls and forcing them into sex work abroad

In April, the Revolutionary Guard-affiliated news outlet Tasnim published a propaganda video about the activist, accusing her of gambling and financial crimes, and mocking the campaign to have her released

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“Non-binary” is not real, valid, or meaningful. It indicates nothing about a person, except buy-in to a shallow faux-spirituality of ego worship w/ daily faith rituals of navel-gazing & breathtaking co-opting of gay rights (no you are not “coming out” as NB — that’s not a thing).

NB is “trans lite,” allowing people to join the gender craze (complete w/ social cred, special attention, legal privileges & oppression points) who otherwise wouldn’t b/c they know themselves well enough to know they don’t have the commitment to fake sex change.

NB is the shallowest faction of genderism — there are no expectations of behavior or appearance that flow from “declaring an NB identity,” yet laws that privilege “gender id” apply to NB as if it is the deepest: eg, it is NB that’s getting legal status as a 3rd sex (M/F/NB).

Non-binary is also the most naked appeal to a transhumanist spirituality of the “gender identity” labels, for the believers who medicalize “being NB” - “NB affirmation” (“nullo” surgeries etc) is a limitless, customized menu of ways to try & transcend (or just deny) being human.

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State Senator Josh Kimbrell is calling for change, threatening to defund libraries across the state if certain books are not removed from the kid’s sections.

He held a press conference Monday, at the Spartanburg Public Library, following what he claims are hundreds of complaints against books that teach children about gender identities. During the press conference, he added that the books are hiding behind “being educational”.

Examples of the books in question are “You be You”, “The Pronoun Book”, and “My Own Way”.

“I do not want tax money to be used to put this stuff in the hands of kids against their parent’s wishes”, said Kimbrell.

Protestors lined to streets outside the library making their voices heard against Kimbrell. One mother of an LGBTQ+ child said, by taking away inclusive books you are taking away free speech.

Jodi Snyder said, “this is our library too and our library is inclusive, diverse, and loving and we protect our children by making sure that they are learning about all people and all backgrounds and all socioeconomic backgrounds and all orientations. Josh Kimbrell is trying to ban books. That’s banning freedom.”

The director of the Spartanburg County Library said since the start of the year, he has only received six complaints about LGBTQ+ positive books. He said if anyone has a concern over books to please fill out a complaint form your branch.

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"forced birth" is an oxymoron
You can't "force" something that is going to happen anyway. When getting pregnant, that baby is fated to be birthed at one point

It's like saying "forced puberty" or "forced aging".

If anything, abortion is the only "forced birth" because it artificially induce a delivery before term

#interestingly enough the 'forced' something is pulled by tra refusing to go through puberty
#they totally alienize this natural process by using semantics making sound like puberty was forced onto them
#the parallelism between trans activism and abortion activism are very interesting
#bc they both rely on antagonizing totally normal and unharmful bodily process

Philosophy Freshman Syndrome Award

TERF Edition

divinedionne #transphobia #enbyphobia #fundie #pratt at.tumblr.com

It's only illogical if you never carefully thought about the difference between a concept and a human being. Between the ego and your essential human essence.

Celebrities are a good example because they have larger-than-life personal brands (concepts) that often obscure their humanity. For example, a superstar like Beyonce is associated with certain concepts in people's imaginations: glamour, sexiness, icon, being a diva etc.

She's so heavily associated with these things that people might use her name as a substitute for saying these words. They might look at an outfit and say "That's so Beyonce" or a way of dancing, behavior, and movement and say "That's Beyonce-esq".

Yet, if you were to take it one step further and say "I identify as a Beyonce" people would find it odd. Because they recognize that although Beyonce is heavily associated with some concepts, she's also a distinct human being. And to" identify as" her is almost like saying she's more of an idea than a real, living breathing person.

Yet, this is precisely what the concept of gender does to women. It takes ideas and aesthetics commonly associated with female human beings (softness, feminity, wearing dresses, certain hairsyles, nurturing a child etc) and uses those things as a substitute for actual living breathing human females walking this earth. This is the reason why gender has been defined as a tool of sexist oppression wielded against women.

To "identify as" Beyonce Knowles-Cater I would have to first remove her humanity (her distinct human thoughts, emotions, ideas, livingness, beingness) and flatten her into a concept, an idea, behaviors, styles of dress, movements that I can embody.

This is what every male who "identifies as" female does. Without exception. And it would be one thing if they did it to cope with some mental illness. But now "You don't need dysphoria to be trans". It's the normalization of female dehumanization.

Ok bye.

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[Mr. Freeze]
LOL m8 I hate to tell you this but one half of the USA's political spectrum is explicitly anti-democracy and pro-censorship against anyone not sharing their views. Handing control over Twitter/Facebook et al to the GOP every few election cycles would be an absolute disaster. You think it's hard for LGBT folks to exist on social media now? Try having Trump/DeSantis/Abbott at the executive helm and outright striking those pages/accounts from existence out of some faux concern for "the children" or "treating mental illness."

This has to be one of the most absurd statements in this thread. I would argue that this is the easiest time in the history of social media for LGBT folks to exist.

EDIT: If you need to experiment, make a Twitter account, post something like "gender is immutable", and see what happens.

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Demi Lovato's LGBT Drama

As-salamu alaykum guys and welcome to another episode of Smile 2 Jannah.

The LGBT community has been leveraging certain aspects of our society, be it government, education, Hollywood and even media in general. The music industry has been utilized by the LGBT, we've already had movies like Lightyear and Doctor Strange and the list is of course growing, but there are also musicians that are being utilized by the LGBTQ community.

You've got Demi Lovato, she transitioned in 2021. For this individual to transitioning is easy, she's got money, access to the best health care, the best minds around her.

But what about the millions of people that follow this individual? Millions of people that unfortunately and sadly don't believe in a higher being, so they try to compensate for that void by attaching and latching themselves onto sports teams and celebrities? There are people who take what these individuals say as gospel.

Let's look at a 2021 UCLA research, it says that most non-binary adults are born in the United States, about 96%, 58% are white and 82% faced emotional abuse as a child. Another research that is very, very interesting, only 13%, yes 13% of those who detransition received help from LGBT organizations compared to 51% of those who transition, so the community is only there for people that conform to their ideals.

"What is a woman?" by Matt Walsh, definitely a documentary that you guys should see, every household should see this documentary.

Now, what does the Quran say about all this confusion? So the Quran chapter 16, verse 97, gives a clear distinction between male and female and then it goes on to say that they will be judged on righteousness alone. So we have all these organizations trying to tell us that our life is predicated on who we want to have intercourse with, it's just, everything seems to be related around pleasure, but, the Quran tells us otherwise. The Quran gives us depth, gives us substance, it gives us purpose and it tells us that nothing matters other than the righteous deeds that we will do, and it also has made clear that we have our roles.

Matt Walsh #conspiracy #enbyphobia #transphobia #wingnut nitter.net

Let me introduce you to Dr. Scott Mosser, who cuts the breasts off of adolescent girls. Many surgeons across the country will and do inflict “top surgery” on minors. Mosser assures us that he follows very “strict” guidelines before performing double mastectomies on children.



Mosser also offers “non-binary” services for patients who want to be neither male nor female.


Mosser assures his patients that regret after surgery is “exceptionally rare.” He cannot possibly know this because we‘ve never done these sorts of things to this many children before. How many 40 year olds are walking around today who had cosmetic mastectomies at 16? Almost none


When the media tries to “debunk” the claim that doctors are mutilating kids, they simply ignore top surgery altogether. They ignore it because it is undeniable that this is happening to children. It’s also totally indefensible. They know that too.

Everything I’ve posted here is factually accurate and publicly available on Mosser’s website. I didn’t use any information that he did not publish himself. That won’t stop the left from calling this “misinformation,” of course, but I want to state it for the record anyway.

Of course the game is completely rigged. The Left claims that these sorts of things aren't being done to children but if you cite a specific example to disprove that claim, they'll accuse you of terrorism and incitement.

femlez34 & Califasauros #transphobia #enbyphobia ovarit.com

RE: What is the response people are looking for when they say they are “non binary”?

( femlez34 )
I think women say it thinking it's a magical spell to prevent people from treating them like women, aka sexually harassing them, talking over them in the work place, etc. It doesn't work though, everyone can see that they're female. Even within the trans community there is so much sexism directed at non-binary women and TIFs from TIMs, who have the gall to suggest these women have "male privilege".

To me as a lesbian, it's a signal that I don't want to date or befriend this woman because I can't stand all the drama that comes with it. Half of them want to be called lesbians while the other half are outraged if you call them one, and they refuse to give you any clues on this stuff, you're expected to be psychic. Many of them now aren't even androgynous or gender non-conforming. They're women who are all dolled up with tons of makeup and high heels, acting outraged that anyone calls them "she" or "ma'am". Then you have TIMs on the other side throwing a public fit if someone doesn't see their wonky eyeliner and assume that they want to be called "she" (see gamestop trans). Which is it?!?

As for your last question, no it has nothing to do with being "bi". "Bi" is an abbreviation for "bisexual". Anyone can be a bisexual, and many non-binary people are not bisexual, a lot of them are straight or gay. Sometimes the straight or bi ones call themselves "queer" instead, because you have to admit to having a gender yourself to use straight or gay.

( Califasauros )
This makes a lot of sense. For girls and women trying to escape societal expectations of what it means to be a woman (including, and perhaps, most importantly, what it means to be a woman in extreme online porn made by men for men), taking on a non-binary identity is a step not quite as drastic as taking on the identity of a trans man. Of course, there are those enbies who are quite extreme...those who have smoothing surgeries to make genitalia less prominent, those who have surgeries to remove nipples as well as breasts, but I think their numbers are still very small.

Russ Winter #wingnut #racist #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #enbyphobia #elitist winterwatch.net

The Method Against Social Justice Warriors

No. 1: Drop all social graces with them. That may be hard, but remember Social Justice Warriors take advantage of good manners and put no value on them anyway. Our objective is to trigger them via harsh criticism and ridicule — not threats or violence, in case that’s unclear. For example, the ultimate insult or trigger to a female Social Justice Warrior third- or fourth-wave feminist is the word “cunt.” That’s a bit over the top for me, so I’m mostly going with “bitch.” Absolutely refuse to engage in sex with Social Justice Warriors or Pervert Justice Warriors.

For non-cucked men, never ever trash talk femininity, but rather defend heterosexual women passionately. Winter Watch addressed this in our old Milo Yiannopoulos article. (((Milo))) was a problem because he as a homosexual trashed women generally. Keeping such women out of harm’s way is the mark of manhood. Also, do not use racial slurs. This is about individual behaviors and culture wars only. The term “dindu” is only descriptive of behavior and thus appropriate.

No. 2: Show no sensitivity toward Social Justice Warriors. Insult them matter of factly. If they show marginal or metro-sexual gender identification, insult their appearance (“there is a new thing going around, it’s called soap”). If they are over-the-top Social Justice Warrior homosexuals or transgenders, never use the contrived newspeak term “gay” or LGBT. In fact, avoid their shadow language. Let them know that you are armor proof to their accusations.
No.4: Knock the Social Justice Warriors unearned trophies and “specialness” badges off the shelf by telling them they have little of value or intelligence to offer anyone.

No. 5: Demonstrate thumbs up, support and accolades to the anti-Social Justice Warrior movement. Older generations need to wake up and get engaged. So do decent folks in the black community. Offer carrots and sticks and encouragement to repressed normies. Godspeed.

spacykate #ableist #enbyphobia ovarit.com

San Francisco's Bay to Breakers, known for its zany inclusivity, refuses to give awards to nonbinary runners

This is entirely ridiculous, this is a bunch of nobodies pretending that they're the same as the men's and women's elite runner category. Its like giving the retarded kid a BS award so they can stand on the podium too.

Dissident Mama #wingnut #transphobia #sexist #homophobia #enbyphobia #dunning-kruger #pratt dissidentmama.net

Mama had carefully sat me down and explained that substituting a plural pronoun in place of a singular was unacceptable, unclear, and grammatically incorrect. “He” and “she” were the singular forms and ought to be used when appropriate; “they” must be reserved for the third person plural.

Moreover, said she, the widespread adoption of the singular “they” marked a dangerous fundamental shift in the English language, one motivated by the sloppy thinking of modern feminists, whose insistence upon being inoffensive (or, rather, upon their being unoffended), was slowly destroying the clarity and preciseness of our spoken and written word. Why I was correcting my friends’ grammar, I do not know. Perhaps I was showing off. Perhaps I was genuinely concerned for them and thought that by proselytizing them I could do my part to help reverse the slow degradation of the English language. It might have been a little of both.
Redefining words is a clever means of changing the way people think. The Soviets used this to great effect. So has the modern homosexual movement – just consider their appropriation of the word “gay.” They have chosen a moniker for themselves which intellectually distances their chosen sexual identity from the acts and desires which define that identity while simultaneously associating themselves inextricably with the concept of happiness, fulfillment, and gaiety, using the older meaning of the word for their own purposes even as they redefine it. It was a brilliant linguistic coup. So was the singular “they.”

Manhood and womanhood are rooted in the created order. We tend to conceive of them as being defined by certain roles, but those roles are merely a natural outgrowth of God’s created design. The roles He has ordained are congruent with our being as male and female, man and woman. Such is the Biblical understanding, though it is quite clearly not the understanding of mainstream America, or even of most churches.

DarkVikingMistress #dunning-kruger #enbyphobia archive.ph

SJWs mess with the basic biological facts of nature, and try to spread misinformation about the biological facts of nature. Why? Because I believe through what I've researched, that being non-cisgender is a thing and it is not a bad thing either, but it is a RARE thing, and most people who are genderqueer, non-binary etc have had at least hints of their unique condition when they are children, know at a young age, or have at least a seed of doubt in their mind before they discover their true identity. But these SJWs...ugh these SJWs, they work to delegitimize the state of being non-binary by saying that they've suddenly seen the light and realised they've always been trans, even though beforehand they may have been completely comfortable as a cisgender male. These people are turning "transgender" into a trend. It's not right, it's not just. How are transgenders ever going to get more rights with these trenders fucking all their legitimacy up for them?

--SJWs scare me with the prospect of having to legalise all their genders and sexualities (I believe if this trend grows it could be a thing) just because their feelings will get hurt if they can't be called a "sparklekin" or "autismkin"...will I be discriminated against as a cisgender woman in the future, because my gender isn't cool anymore? Will I have to really call people "autismself" when it offends me that they're turning autism into a gender (I am autistic) will they hate me for having the mental illness they always wanted?

Got Questions Ministries #fundie #transphobia #enbyphobia #dunning-kruger gotquestions.org

The reason preferred pronouns present a dilemma for Christians is that they imply something the Bible indicates is false: that a person can change genders or be born into the wrong biological sex. Referring to a person who is biologically male as “she” or “her” is, in literal terms, to say something untrue. Worse, when it comes to an issue such as transgenderism, using preferred pronouns can be construed as enabling or endorsing a harmful, unbiblical situation.

From a spiritual and scriptural standpoint, then, the literal intent behind preferred pronouns is unbiblical. Men are not women, and vice versa. Other than a tiny percentage of persons who are biologically intersexed and deserving of special consideration, there are no third, fourth, fifth, etc., genders, nor any basis for a person to “choose” such a thing. For the same reason that believers ought not pretend that other faiths offer salvation (John 14:6) or that other gods are real (1 John 4:1) or that something sinful is morally right (Isaiah 5:20), many believers conclude that it’s immoral to enable the basic premise behind the use of preferred pronouns.

This is why, at the very least, all believers, in all circumstances, need to be careful not to give the impression of accepting the assumption behind preferred pronouns. While Christ was merciful and loving to both the adulterous woman (John 8:10) and the woman at the well (John 4:23–24), He gave no mixed signals about their sin (John 4:17–18; 8:11).


Preferred pronouns also create issues from a secular standpoint, without taking religious values into account. As stated above, using words like he or she implies something about the biology of the subject. Forcing people to use preferred pronouns, then, would literally be a coercion of speech. Demanding that others use such terms implies that you have a right for other people to speak or write in ways that agree with you. At least in legal terms, it’s hard to imagine society could forcibly require the use of language that overtly contradicts certain opinions or ideas.

As a parallel, demanding use of preferred pronouns would be like insisting that others refer to us as “your majesty,” with a bow or curtsey, because we feel we are royal-blooded, even though they don’t believe we are.

Sandman #conspiracy #elitist #enbyphobia #homophobia #sexist youtube.com

Demi Lovato Gets Sexier Everyday - MGTOW

Singers deciding to be fat non-binary clown world shows. This is what happens when you go woke at the same time you hit the wall. She's 30 now and the music industry is brutal for women. The audience moves on to more attractive women that are prettier, younger and more fertile.

30 year old guys no longer find them as attractive as they once did, so instead such musicians embrace their inner butch to get those bucks.

Her new number of subscribers is falling but the views just keep going up and up. That's suspicious and it makes me believe that she's part of some sort of woke agenda and that's why she's being pushed by big platforms, the idea is that very attractive women with high SMV should be willing to reduce it. Feminists like this because they see it as a way to punish men when women don't live up to so-called "patriarchal beauty standards", most of us don't care though, all we do is find younger female musicians to listen to that are still feminine. There's always women willing to exploit their tits for clicks.

I was going through my twitter feed the other day and there was a woman complaining that three of the girls in her daughter's class were actually transitioning and on male hormones, and that one kid was non-binary. This is part of the whole transhumanism agenda. In order to break down what it means to be human, our overlords need to first break down gender by saying that there are more genders than flavors of baskin robbins and then eventually the push would be to make all of us non-binary.

I believe Lovato is exploiting this for her own financial gain and probably doesn't understand the insidious nature of what's going on.

I'm in the process of reinventing myself in this "sigma sphere", a term I just coined. I'mm trying to covertly carry over MGTOW philosophy to the most productive and desirable men in our society and I'm coining phrases like "relationships and marriage are kryptonite for your mind" and "kryptonite for your grind." I believe in sigma because I realized I have had all the characteristics of it my entire life, so it's a natural fit for me, but to fully self-actualize as a sigma you need to embrace being single.

Babylon Bee #transphobia #dunning-kruger #enbyphobia #conspiracy archive.ph

Teachers Who Insist They're Not Teaching Your Kid About Sex Also Weirdly Outraged By Ban On Teaching Your Kid About Sex

ORLANDO, FL—On July 1st, teachers throughout Florida will no longer be permitted to encourage discussions about sex with children in grades kindergarten through grade 3. Florida teachers have been adamant that they've never encouraged such discussions in their classrooms but they are weirdly outraged that they will no longer be able to.

"I have never once told a boy they are really a girl, or a girl they are really nothing, or a man that they should be comfortable loving children. Not once. BUT IT'S OUTRAGEOUS THAT I CAN'T," said Ms. Feilershiek, a kindergarten teacher at Chickasaw Elementary, while picketing in front of her school instead of teaching children.

One third-grade teacher, Mx. Pat Frumouge (ze/zir), had begun teaching zeir students about LGBTQ culture full-time ahead of the July 1st deadline.

"Look, I don't groom any kids. But I have to constantly explain why I look like a porcelain fish-being," ze said, visibly shaken. "This law is going to erase me as an individual. My sexual identity and favorite kinks are my entire identity... if I can't share that with children—which I don't—then I don't know what I'm going to do. Teach math?"

Children at Chickasaw Elementary School are reportedly failing at math and science but excelling at peer-pressuring other children to switch genders at will. Teachers insist the kids are doing that on their own, however.

According to sources, teachers are preparing for the next year by abandoning all subjects entirely in favor of full-time LGBTQ lectures to make up for the fact they won't be able to indoctrinate children next year—even though they don't do that.

Betsey McCaughey #transphobia #enbyphobia #homophobia #biphobia #dunning-kruger #conspiracy nypost.com

Gender dysphoria — a rare medical condition that makes people feel mismatched with their sexual anatomy — occurs in about 0.6 percent of the adult population, according to the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute. Anyone afflicted should be treated with kindness and offered medical help.

It first appears in childhood, but with so few children affected, the curriculum should not be distorted for everyone. Elementary-school teachers are putting words on the blackboard like “nonbinary” and “transgender” even before kids have learned multiplication.

But Maine’s Department of Education reports that between 13 percent and 18 percent of public high-school students say they’re “lesbian, gay, bisexual or unsure” of their sexual identity. It’s no wonder when the curriculum programs them to doubt their identity. In school it’s cool to be anything but heterosexual.

Maine requires public-school teachers to explore the achievements of LGBTQ+ individuals, not just in health class but also in history and social studies. That’s indoctrination since teachers are not asked to do the same for the celibate, for example.

itsnotaboutewe , BogHag & La_Terfa #transphobia #enbyphobia #dunning-kruger #ableism ovarit.com

RE: Or maybe, just maybe, autistic people are 3x-6x more likely to be sucked into the trans cult...

( itsnotaboutewe )
Do boys who identify as NB ever do this or is it only females who feel the need to destroy their bodies to look sexless? A masculine-looking chest with small, flat nipples is a bit of a giveaway that they are male but I've never seen a male showing off his huge scar across his nippleless chest. Maybe, just maybe, they should do a bit of research on the way non-binary people are treated differently on the basis of their observed sex?

( BogHag )
I've seen a few male Nullo, but they're more interested in removing genitals. Not quite the same. There are some men though who want to remove their nipples to be extirely sexless.

I don't know how you see something like that and not immediately think childhood sexual trauma.

( La_Terfa )
It's literally only the females who are pushed into getting horrific surgeries within the transgender movement. They all poison themselves with wrong sex hormones, but the vast majority of TIMs keep their dicks, for example. On the other hand, to be a "trans man" you need to at least butcher your healthy breasts.

Gregory Hood #enbyphobia #racist #transphobia #wingnut amren.com

Euphemisms blur the truth. Here’s the ACLU defending racial discrimination against whites and Asians.

BREAKING: We filed an amicus brief today urging the Supreme Court to protect universities’ ability to consider race in college admissions.

Ending these considerations would ignore our country’s present-day racial inequality and threaten diversity on campuses everywhere.

The Supreme Court could ban “affirmative action.” Leftists will try to discriminate against whites anyway. We must always identify it clearly: racial discrimination.

It will be a hard fight though. Corporate America is on the other side.

Mainstream conservatives are willing to take on absurd gender theories. It’s sad it’s even necessary, but one reason America’s in this fix is because conservatives didn’t fight racial egalitarianism. Conservatives might disagree with me, but at least some leftists are on my side.

Many whites may be claiming to be “trans” or “queer” or “non-binary” because it means they can play at being victims. That may not work much longer.

White people can’t be non-binary because it’s white supremacy that upholds the oppressive gender binary

The Los Angeles Times has an odd view. Is it “imperialist” now for migrants to travel for a better life?

"Californians and other Americans are flooding Mexico City."

This isn’t Europe. Recently, a growing number of tourists and remote workers have flooded the nation’s capital and left a scent of new-wave imperialism.

One almost admires the insult to Europeans. Still, we can’t let anyone get away with claiming demographic change might change a society. That’s a racist conspiracy theory.

The South African Freedom Front Plus party is protesting a poster that suggests apartheid still causes violence in South Africa today.

It’s bizarre to blame today’s crime on apartheid. The new South Africa is an explicit repudiation of the white republic, but South Africa is now an embarrassment by comparison. The “education” campaign blaming whites for black failures is a clumsy justification for taking their property. We have the same thing in America.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut #enbyphobia youtube.com

RE: Mexicans FURIOUS That Americans Are Invading Their Country, Won't Speak Spanish In Hilarious Irony

Who would have thought going to a foreign country and refusing to learn the language, culture or even integrate into the society in the slightest would make the locals angry and want to kick you out, or worse... such an outlandish concept no one could have seen coming.

(A R)
One of my fantasies has always been to go to Mexico to work as a stockboy in a grocery store and whenever a customer would ask me where an item is I would tell them "No habla espanol". This is priceless.

(Curtis Wade)
To the teams point about language, one of our political factions doesn't even speak the same language as most Americans. What is really frustrating is that it sounds like the same language, but the words change meaning from moment to moment based on what advantage they can gain over someone who speaks normally.

(Acme Racing)
Wait, I thought it was racist to object when people come to your country and don't speak the language. Will they provide English versions of all their government forms for Americans? Require locals to press 1 for Spanish when they call customer service in Mexico?

(Karnacle Blackburn)
This literally put a cheek hurting grin on my face for a full 24 hours (minus an 8 hour sleep).

(Donna Stokes-Manning)
My favorite part of this clip is when the person pointed out how this same media outlet would call Americans who complain about the exact same thing here as racists but when the people in Mexico complain they are not called racist. I wouldn’t have thought of that while reading the article. Maybe a week later it would hit me but it would be old news by then. It is why these videos are important instead of just the usual leftist media talking points

I don't really blame them getting furious......they are getting Californians after all. Just imagine you are a hard working Mexican heading to your favorite restaurant, and running into a manlet with a manbun that says "Hello my fellow Latinx, my pronouns are they/them, and I am an omnisexual." I'd be pissed too.

(Greg Lane)
Guess Trump was right that maybe Mexico will pay for a wall.

Tainted Slav #wingnut #dunning-kruger #enbyphobia #transphobia #psycho doomer.boards.net

Unlike the "stunning and brave" caste of XYZ challenged degenerates I don't have to lie to myself that IF I do A, B and C my life will miracously get better because I will be a new man, somehow. No, it will not get better, and this "new" will be jast a sick, wicked masquerade gone too far. Yeah sure call me transphobic because of this but I spell what's essentially and realistically true. Ignore or deny, it will not change the actual state of things. That's first.Second, whatever you like it or not but:1. There always will be people that are homophobic, mainly because homoseuality is against their life staples and the ways of their social mentality compass (like in my case although I know some gays IRL, even worked with a bunch and can confirm they were whining spoiled brats)2. There always will be people that are transphobic because no healthy people would suggest to themselves "boy oh boy, I don't think it was fair that I was born X instead of Y!". That's just a demonstration of illness to them, again because of transgenderism is against their life staples and the ways of their social mentality compass. I wouldn't have been so harsh on these petty meatsacks if I was not aware of what kind of crimes the trans people do perform mostly (spoiler: rape, and not only of full legal age human beings) and what utterly atrocious agenda they push. Do you really want me to believe that 5 year old Bobby would understand the context of gender dysphoria and feel himself to be actually trans? No, he can't, he's just a goddamn KID, he don't know shit neither should to, according to his age. BUT THEY (trans) WANT HIM TO, DUH. Also google "egg hatching" term in trans "language" for get better understanding why am I so highly negative of this kind of human beings.3. Politics, like it or not were always a part of communities, nor necessarily IRL ones though. The desire to get rid of this shit from your hugbox is understandable and goood and shit, but, like I said, people are retarded and they WILL bring politics in either way. It's just how it always works.4. Can't say much on wordsalads, we all have moments of skitzo, that's not something that can't happen to anyone of us. 40oz with this thread or Kontra's mumbling regarding DBP48' negrating are the most obvious examples.

Geoffrey Grider #fundie #wingnut #transphobia #enbyphobia #homophobia nowtheendbegins.com

Brad Pitt going from being the ultimate macho man in ‘Fight Club’ to sashaying down the red carpet wearing a woman’s skirt is a long, long way to fall, and that’s exactly what’s happening to America right now.

The Roman Empire once ruled the world, till they openly embraced the LGBTQIA+ Movement of their day, and fell to the ground with a deafening thud. Same for the Greek empire that also ruled the world, right up to the moment that society openly embraced what God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for. Today in 2022, America rules the world stage with the greatest military, the strongest economy, and we are now embracing what brought down the Romans and the Greeks. Will we survive? Not if the Bible is true. Welcome to Brad Pitt wearing a skirt on the red carpet.

“Thus saith the LORD of hosts; In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold out of all languages of the nations, even shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, We will go with you: for we have heard that God is with you.” Zechariah 8:23 (KJB)

I understand that in the Old Testament days, clothing styles were different, and your King James Bible has a number of verses about men wearing skirts, but guess what? They weren’t wearing women’s skirts, they were wearing men’s skirts, like a kilt if you’re Scottish. But that’s not what Brad Pitt was wearing, he was dressed in women’s clothing from head to toe, and he looked ridiculous. I am glad I fled Hollywood and the acting world shortly after I got saved, and there is nothing that could entice me to go back. So thank you, Brad Pitt in a dress, for reminding why I left, I will pray your soul gets saved before your time on this planet is through. You won’t like what comes next.

Infernal #homophobia #transphobia #enbyphobia kiwifarms.net

The thing is, Chris [McGee] seems to be just trying to avoid controversy and exist in the lgbt community and move on with his sad pathetic life, because most people have either forgotten or stopped caring about him long ago, even the twitter troons and fags who prided themselves in putting Chris on blast before, I guess because there are bigger accounts to cancel, there was never much return in terms of clout for going after a nobody like Chris, and performative "community safety" activism only exists to gain clout and prove they're the "acceptable" fags when in reality they're just as degenerate as Chris, they just are better about not getting outed like Chris's dumb ass. Despite efforts to inform people about his name change by some of the original callout people, the rebrand worked.

I think what may have helped Chris fly under the radar is he's so far kept his nose clean since the last major incident. (I certainly haven't seen anything about a new grooming attempt on a minor and not just regular old simping for fictional characters that even the lgbt weirdos who called him out are even guilty of themselves.) He hasn't talked about Harry at all, or even about the harassment he supposedly receives from people like us or "antis" other than extremely vague stuff that doesn't bring up the accusations. He just whines about being bad at competitive games, He's trying in vain to get enough average viewers to make affiliate on Twitch, and is now simping hard for this bad undertale-clone he's been playing. (I hate Undertale with a passion for the damage it's done to the gaming medium by onboarding a bunch of cringe lgbt bullshit into games, but this Omori game somehow manages to be worse from what little i've seen of it, It's WAY more pretentious than most of Toby Fox's shit, and I guess it clicked with Chris because it's total shota bait,)

He's just like any other twitter transtrander now. It's kinda silly how easy cancel culture let him off the hook so easily.