Hate, fear, prejudice against the other 1.84467440737e+19 genders

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Mama had carefully sat me down and explained that substituting a plural pronoun in place of a singular was unacceptable, unclear, and grammatically incorrect. “He” and “she” were the singular forms and ought to be used when appropriate; “they” must be reserved for the third person plural.

Moreover, said she, the widespread adoption of the singular “they” marked a dangerous fundamental shift in the English language, one motivated by the sloppy thinking of modern feminists, whose insistence upon being inoffensive (or, rather, upon their being unoffended), was slowly destroying the clarity and preciseness of our spoken and written word. Why I was correcting my friends’ grammar, I do not know. Perhaps I was showing off. Perhaps I was genuinely concerned for them and thought that by proselytizing them I could do my part to help reverse the slow degradation of the English language. It might have been a little of both.
Redefining words is a clever means of changing the way people think. The Soviets used this to great effect. So has the modern homosexual movement – just consider their appropriation of the word “gay.” They have chosen a moniker for themselves which intellectually distances their chosen sexual identity from the acts and desires which define that identity while simultaneously associating themselves inextricably with the concept of happiness, fulfillment, and gaiety, using the older meaning of the word for their own purposes even as they redefine it. It was a brilliant linguistic coup. So was the singular “they.”

Manhood and womanhood are rooted in the created order. We tend to conceive of them as being defined by certain roles, but those roles are merely a natural outgrowth of God’s created design. The roles He has ordained are congruent with our being as male and female, man and woman. Such is the Biblical understanding, though it is quite clearly not the understanding of mainstream America, or even of most churches.

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SJWs mess with the basic biological facts of nature, and try to spread misinformation about the biological facts of nature. Why? Because I believe through what I've researched, that being non-cisgender is a thing and it is not a bad thing either, but it is a RARE thing, and most people who are genderqueer, non-binary etc have had at least hints of their unique condition when they are children, know at a young age, or have at least a seed of doubt in their mind before they discover their true identity. But these SJWs...ugh these SJWs, they work to delegitimize the state of being non-binary by saying that they've suddenly seen the light and realised they've always been trans, even though beforehand they may have been completely comfortable as a cisgender male. These people are turning "transgender" into a trend. It's not right, it's not just. How are transgenders ever going to get more rights with these trenders fucking all their legitimacy up for them?

--SJWs scare me with the prospect of having to legalise all their genders and sexualities (I believe if this trend grows it could be a thing) just because their feelings will get hurt if they can't be called a "sparklekin" or "autismkin"...will I be discriminated against as a cisgender woman in the future, because my gender isn't cool anymore? Will I have to really call people "autismself" when it offends me that they're turning autism into a gender (I am autistic) will they hate me for having the mental illness they always wanted?

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Teachers Who Insist They're Not Teaching Your Kid About Sex Also Weirdly Outraged By Ban On Teaching Your Kid About Sex

ORLANDO, FL—On July 1st, teachers throughout Florida will no longer be permitted to encourage discussions about sex with children in grades kindergarten through grade 3. Florida teachers have been adamant that they've never encouraged such discussions in their classrooms but they are weirdly outraged that they will no longer be able to.

"I have never once told a boy they are really a girl, or a girl they are really nothing, or a man that they should be comfortable loving children. Not once. BUT IT'S OUTRAGEOUS THAT I CAN'T," said Ms. Feilershiek, a kindergarten teacher at Chickasaw Elementary, while picketing in front of her school instead of teaching children.

One third-grade teacher, Mx. Pat Frumouge (ze/zir), had begun teaching zeir students about LGBTQ culture full-time ahead of the July 1st deadline.

"Look, I don't groom any kids. But I have to constantly explain why I look like a porcelain fish-being," ze said, visibly shaken. "This law is going to erase me as an individual. My sexual identity and favorite kinks are my entire identity... if I can't share that with children—which I don't—then I don't know what I'm going to do. Teach math?"

Children at Chickasaw Elementary School are reportedly failing at math and science but excelling at peer-pressuring other children to switch genders at will. Teachers insist the kids are doing that on their own, however.

According to sources, teachers are preparing for the next year by abandoning all subjects entirely in favor of full-time LGBTQ lectures to make up for the fact they won't be able to indoctrinate children next year—even though they don't do that.

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Oh no, sex-obsessed, mentally ill, entitled narcissists that pretend to care about and participate in various hobbies solely for attention are upset because a book features a line of pre-existing information that they would have long since known about had they had any genuine interest in the hobby!

They at least pretend to want female Space Marines (and not, say, male Sisters of Battle), and are more than willing to outright ignore the aforementioned all female faction that are already very similar to Space Marines, and project their bigotry, intolerance, and ignorance onto everyone that dares point out how stupid and wrong they are.

Would you be surprised that RagnarokAngel (or is it Sword?) is a pronouning pretender? He's not the only one of course:

Of course a pretender is envious of women. Not even real women, but plastic minis. Why do these guys hate art so much? Assuming he's not talking stats, Sisters of Battle have penitent engines/mortifiers, mostly naked chicks wielding two-handed chainswords, a missile-launching tank organ, their tanks have more bling (and I like them more than the hovering primaris rehashes), and they have the Triumph of Saint Katherine.

I'm curious: why not just say that your marines are women? You already play pretend with your gender, so why not go the extra meter with your minis? Maybe you can win a few games, accusing anyone that disagrees with your delusions of being whatever you consider to be a transphobe? Might be a necessary handicap, especially if just under half your army ends up attempting to cancel themselves before the game starts.

Pronouner and a self-proclaimed infiltrator. Two reasons to dismiss his unoriginal opinions that he plagiarized from someone else.

No, of course not. Because it's not about being happy. It's about control, and pressuring a company into bending the knee. Of course that still won't make them happy. There's always something else to pretend to be upset about. Hopefully Games Workshop isn't dumb enough to fall for the grift (seriously, just ignore the whiners and they'll invariably get distracted by some other triviality).

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Demi Lovato Gets Sexier Everyday - MGTOW

Singers deciding to be fat non-binary clown world shows. This is what happens when you go woke at the same time you hit the wall. She's 30 now and the music industry is brutal for women. The audience moves on to more attractive women that are prettier, younger and more fertile.

30 year old guys no longer find them as attractive as they once did, so instead such musicians embrace their inner butch to get those bucks.

Her new number of subscribers is falling but the views just keep going up and up. That's suspicious and it makes me believe that she's part of some sort of woke agenda and that's why she's being pushed by big platforms, the idea is that very attractive women with high SMV should be willing to reduce it. Feminists like this because they see it as a way to punish men when women don't live up to so-called "patriarchal beauty standards", most of us don't care though, all we do is find younger female musicians to listen to that are still feminine. There's always women willing to exploit their tits for clicks.

I was going through my twitter feed the other day and there was a woman complaining that three of the girls in her daughter's class were actually transitioning and on male hormones, and that one kid was non-binary. This is part of the whole transhumanism agenda. In order to break down what it means to be human, our overlords need to first break down gender by saying that there are more genders than flavors of baskin robbins and then eventually the push would be to make all of us non-binary.

I believe Lovato is exploiting this for her own financial gain and probably doesn't understand the insidious nature of what's going on.

I'm in the process of reinventing myself in this "sigma sphere", a term I just coined. I'mm trying to covertly carry over MGTOW philosophy to the most productive and desirable men in our society and I'm coining phrases like "relationships and marriage are kryptonite for your mind" and "kryptonite for your grind." I believe in sigma because I realized I have had all the characteristics of it my entire life, so it's a natural fit for me, but to fully self-actualize as a sigma you need to embrace being single.

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RE: What is the response people are looking for when they say they are “non binary”?

( femlez34 )
I think women say it thinking it's a magical spell to prevent people from treating them like women, aka sexually harassing them, talking over them in the work place, etc. It doesn't work though, everyone can see that they're female. Even within the trans community there is so much sexism directed at non-binary women and TIFs from TIMs, who have the gall to suggest these women have "male privilege".

To me as a lesbian, it's a signal that I don't want to date or befriend this woman because I can't stand all the drama that comes with it. Half of them want to be called lesbians while the other half are outraged if you call them one, and they refuse to give you any clues on this stuff, you're expected to be psychic. Many of them now aren't even androgynous or gender non-conforming. They're women who are all dolled up with tons of makeup and high heels, acting outraged that anyone calls them "she" or "ma'am". Then you have TIMs on the other side throwing a public fit if someone doesn't see their wonky eyeliner and assume that they want to be called "she" (see gamestop trans). Which is it?!?

As for your last question, no it has nothing to do with being "bi". "Bi" is an abbreviation for "bisexual". Anyone can be a bisexual, and many non-binary people are not bisexual, a lot of them are straight or gay. Sometimes the straight or bi ones call themselves "queer" instead, because you have to admit to having a gender yourself to use straight or gay.

( Califasauros )
This makes a lot of sense. For girls and women trying to escape societal expectations of what it means to be a woman (including, and perhaps, most importantly, what it means to be a woman in extreme online porn made by men for men), taking on a non-binary identity is a step not quite as drastic as taking on the identity of a trans man. Of course, there are those enbies who are quite extreme...those who have smoothing surgeries to make genitalia less prominent, those who have surgeries to remove nipples as well as breasts, but I think their numbers are still very small.

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Gender dysphoria — a rare medical condition that makes people feel mismatched with their sexual anatomy — occurs in about 0.6 percent of the adult population, according to the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute. Anyone afflicted should be treated with kindness and offered medical help.

It first appears in childhood, but with so few children affected, the curriculum should not be distorted for everyone. Elementary-school teachers are putting words on the blackboard like “nonbinary” and “transgender” even before kids have learned multiplication.

But Maine’s Department of Education reports that between 13 percent and 18 percent of public high-school students say they’re “lesbian, gay, bisexual or unsure” of their sexual identity. It’s no wonder when the curriculum programs them to doubt their identity. In school it’s cool to be anything but heterosexual.

Maine requires public-school teachers to explore the achievements of LGBTQ+ individuals, not just in health class but also in history and social studies. That’s indoctrination since teachers are not asked to do the same for the celibate, for example.

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San Francisco's Bay to Breakers, known for its zany inclusivity, refuses to give awards to nonbinary runners

This is entirely ridiculous, this is a bunch of nobodies pretending that they're the same as the men's and women's elite runner category. Its like giving the retarded kid a BS award so they can stand on the podium too.

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Trannies creep me out. I don't want to live in a world where trannies are normalized.

I don't care about gay people, because they're not affecting me. If two faggots want to marry each other it's no concern of mine. But trannies are pretty much saying that you have to accept that they are women even if they have dicks, which I could never do. They also say that if a straight guy doesn't want to fuck a tranny, that's evil and the same as racism. So basically the tranny groups are promoting rape.

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RE: Or maybe, just maybe, autistic people are 3x-6x more likely to be sucked into the trans cult...

( itsnotaboutewe )
Do boys who identify as NB ever do this or is it only females who feel the need to destroy their bodies to look sexless? A masculine-looking chest with small, flat nipples is a bit of a giveaway that they are male but I've never seen a male showing off his huge scar across his nippleless chest. Maybe, just maybe, they should do a bit of research on the way non-binary people are treated differently on the basis of their observed sex?

( BogHag )
I've seen a few male Nullo, but they're more interested in removing genitals. Not quite the same. There are some men though who want to remove their nipples to be extirely sexless.

I don't know how you see something like that and not immediately think childhood sexual trauma.

( La_Terfa )
It's literally only the females who are pushed into getting horrific surgeries within the transgender movement. They all poison themselves with wrong sex hormones, but the vast majority of TIMs keep their dicks, for example. On the other hand, to be a "trans man" you need to at least butcher your healthy breasts.

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'I don't want facial hair': Transgender girl, eight, has sleepless nights about growing up as a boy | UK News | Sky News

( hmimperialtortie )
Learn to shave like every other bloke does, kid.

( Lipsy )
Shit, girl... learn to shave like lots of Women with PCOS do!

of course I rlly shouldn't point out things like this that might make their specific choices of first-world problems seem less unique and special and totally individual—especially not with Most Special Of All Non-Binary type people, who have already been genocided an average of 5.2 times each. Such a bad habit SMDH

( VestalVirgin)
Or learn to shave like lots of women who don't even have PCOS but the wrong kind of genes do.

I grew up thinking that in exchange for having to deal with periods, I at least wouldn't have to shave.

Yeah, well. That was a rude awakening in my early twenties. Unlike this boy, I didn't even have time to get used to the idea.

( XX_Power )
No it's way easier to sterilize him and cut off his dick.

( hmimperialtortie )
Ain’t that the truth.