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Avoid Baltimore? Of course. And Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Memphis and every other black run cesspool city.

Why, those are bad cities because "they're all run by Democrats" and NOTHING at all to do with being majority black. Oh, no, no, no, no. I mean, that's what the Republicans tell me, so they must be right!

Pathetic, lowlife, self-loathing, lying GOPers do indeed ceaselessly dish that bull out. And how much longer we have to keep pretending that it's Democrats, and not blacks, that are systematically destroying American cities only God knows. But it's absolutely nauseating listening to the bold-faced lies they tell in the meantime.

These same conservatives tell us 'don't engage in identity politics!' when they do nothing but droll over themselves when nonwhites and women are Republican/conservative. I tell them, "Isn't that 'identity politics' to say 'Blacks for Trump' or 'Women for Trump'?"

Why do some Whites feel the need to pick-up trash and paint over graffiti in various ‘Hoods? Within 2 weeks it will look like a dump all over again.

I don't understand this with whites "do gooder" attitude, because they never display this compassion towards poor whites. Never.

They don't even bother to conceal their contempt for poor Whites.

Charles Dickens had the same problem in his day, where wealthy elite Brits cared about Africans in Africa, yet cared nothing for White British boys used as chimney sweeps. I believe the term is Telescopic Philanthropy. These elite whites are the same today.



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