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RE: 4chan's Femboy Blackmail Cult

This story is actually true for 99% of trans people. Most of them were incels before the transition. Happened to a friend of mine

(Raspian Kiado)
It's not the only cult.

A lot of "progressive" groups are cults in the same fashion.

(Igor Kuras)
Maybe gas chambers were not as bad to use on others as history teachers are telling....

All femboys and mtfs being weirdo incels is the least surprising thing ever

(Drew Mead)
This shit is scary. Look at the world today. This cult quietly rose to power and took over the world, ushering in a catastrophe of castration

Stuff like this happens all the time though. This incident was just more wide scale.

I won't name the board or discord, but I was personally in one such discord that was run by a trans person who wanted to manipulate and groom the server into becoming traps, and had a few victims. Was also in one that shut down because the mod was grooming an underage girl into sending him feet pics. Also you don't want to see the shit that goes down in discords made by /trash/ generals. Actual human rights violations.

(Zan Jayna)
By 2024 this will be a legally mandated school curriculum.

(Dr funni)
Why I hate trans people

(Shaw Tucker)
As someone who use to identify as trans, this is the entire ideology in a nutshell: grooming vulnerable people.

(Forgot it.)
This ideology has overtaken American society


It's shit like this that gives the right perfect ammunition against the trans community.

>video not sucking off tro.ons
>it will cause murders
This is your brain on HRT


(Seven Deadly Chins)
The trans community is supplying the gun, the ammo and pointing the weapon at its own head. No one else can be blamed when a tentacle from the lunatic fringe happens to hit the trigger.

Pick one.



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