Judy Shaw #fundie timesofisrael.com

They are liars, they conjure up lies, they lie against their own bodies, their own parents, their educated doctors, and then demand everyone else believe their lies, speak their lies, and change laws to accommodate their lives, impose upon business owners, military and schools who must shower in front of them, to make vast expenditures to accommodate their lies, impose the demand that someone of the opposite sex has access to their restroom so they can peek through the cracks in the doors, change society, and in the end, because they, in truth, cannot make their owns lies work for themselves they demand the right to have our children for themselves to make them as depraved liars as they are.

Think: Navy personnel must shower, sleep, and dress in front of them knowing they are being eyed by them. Our school children are in the same situation for physical education classes. And then they demand positions of authority in these environments. They set no boundaries for themselves to what extent they are willing to demand we go along with their lies and demand we keep a straight face. They do WHAT? They put what into their mouths? And who washes the feces off of whose body part? And which comes first? These are the things that come to mind when I am told, “I’m Gay, and proud of it and I am ready to meet my Maker.” I don’t want these thoughts and I do not want to process the resulting response.

The truth is, if they could make their own society successfully fulfilled, without demanding anything from anyone else, truth would be revealed at the end of one generation and all would witness a dead society, a dead culture, and all remaining would learn from them. When they die...it will be over.



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