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Rape Sportsmanship

Like Hunting and Fishing, Rape is an ancient instinct hardwired into men's DNA. There was a time when all three were necessary for the survival of the species. Rape was used as a means of procreation, hunting and fishing were survival skills needed for a man to feed himself, his mate, and their offspring.

Rape is no longer needed as a means of insuring the survival of the species. And food, of course, now comes from Kroger, Wal-mart, or countless fast-food chains. So hunting and fishing is no longer needed either, yet some men continue to do it. Why? Because the instinct is built into their DNA. The urge they feel to partake of these activities is difficult to resist. And so society allows hunters to hunt, and fishermen to fish. Even though the end result is the unnecessary, tragic, violent death of hundreds of thousands of animals and millions of fishes. But society allows this, because men need to follow their prehistoric instincts.

The need to rape is a similar instinct, but one that society does not allow. Which says something about our priorities, to proclaim that the right of women to choose their sex partners is considered even more important than the right of animals and fishes to their very lives!



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