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Greetings Sacred Leaders, Guides and Wayshowers of the Rainbow Tribe of the New Jerusalem
Happy 111:222 Portal and All Saints Day as we enter this powerful and auspicious month of November with a daily Code of 11/22 of the Divine Mastery of 33.

Ushering in this new month of major activations and transformations through the Full Lunar Eclipse and 11:11 Gateway, Solaris released a massive CME facing away from the Earth, although Gaia and all her Children of the Sun will be effected with Light Activations and Ascension upgrades.

We are also entering in the height of the Taurid meteor showers that will also be bringing Pachamama massive energetics for her Great Shift of the Ages.

As we rest in the Stillness of our Zero Point Source Energy we realize our True Nature of Pure Awareness and Act as Living Buddhas of the Awakened Paradigm of New Earth.

We have come so far to Return to the Still Center, the Fire of our Ancestors in the Center of the Sacred Hoop, the Circle of Life. The Alpha into the Omega and the Omega into the Alpha, the Beginning and End merge together in this Eternal Now to experience all emanations of the Great Spirit within the Hologram of this Fractal Universe.

We are all Mirrors of the Truth, resonating in the Quantum Field of Infinite Potential. As Creative Wayshowers of the New Paradigm of the Golden Age of Enlightenment we Lead the Way with the Bright Virtue of our Illuminated Sacred Self, that is One with God, Eternally. Our Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and Galactics are with us Now for the final transitions into the Light of Heaven on Earth.

Separation and duality exists only in the Mind of Man, all Life experiences its Oneness through the Presence of the Universal Mind of the One True Source, we call the Great Mystery.

We hold the keys and codes within our DNA for the full manifestation of the fifth dimension here and now, forever more…A’Ho!



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