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Liberals have met their Waterloo.

''It has proved impossible to do something and its opposite simultaneously''.

Richard Fernandez, The BELMONT CLUB. Jul.08,2016. ''Denial Dies In Dallas''.

Yet this is what liberals attempt.

Withdraw police [ Ferguson and Baltimore ].

Protect the community [ Dallas and Chicago ].

Demand transgender bathrooms

Guarantee without an iota of evidence that sexual harassment and even worse will not occur as a result of states embracing this policy.

Wide open borders and sanctuary cities [ chiseled in stone by Democrats in Wednesdays vote in the Senate ].

Guarantee that said borders and America are safe from terrorist incursion.

''Affordable'' healthcare.

Healthcare more expensive than anyone in the working and middle class can afford....

ISIS in Libya.

Regime ''change'' in Libya. [ courtesy of the current Democratic candidate for president ].

All Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter.

Cops are racist killers.

We need police to protect us while we work to disarm this nation.

Christians are a threat.

Islam is our friend.

Global warming is the worlds number one problem.

SUBARUs are still run by internal combustion engines...

''When you come to a fork in the road, take it''........

Yogi Berra.



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