tdodds74 #fundie

Natural selection ...

1. green and brown beetles of the same kind
2. birds can see and find the green ones to eat
3. the green numbers drop and the browns increase due to mating
4. after awhile no green beetles only brown which the birds can't see to eat

So - now you have God creating something specifically to destroy it. Is that congruent with 'God is Life'? Nope.

Animals eat animals because of sin ... so you have NO evolution/natural selection without sin. Where did sin come from? Oh, the canned answer is evolutionary theory doesn't deal with religious topics ... but then wait - if no sin, no evolution ... oh, but notice there's NO sin in the creation account in Genesis - sin comes in AFTER. So you go and collect a fossil record AFTER and conclude evolution - which the account of the beetles is true and observable; but it does not explain any step BEFORE step 1. Step 0 is sin, step -1 is God creates by His words. Genesis isn't wrong and precludes the idea of creation by evolution.


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